birth order

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Whether its the baby of the family is too spoiled or the middle child gets forgotten, there are a lot of ideas about just how much birth order can influence one’s life. For those of you still trying to understand how your siblings may affect your growth, check out these theories below.

Baby Of The Family

The youngest of the family usually receives a lot more pampering than their older siblings. They are the baby, after all. But how does this pampering, as well as their older siblings, affect their personality?

The youngest sibling usually loves attention, but they also feel they do not receive the same amount of respect as older siblings. They may be easy to adapt to social situations but find it difficult to establish their own independence.

Oldest Knows Best

If you happen to be the first born, science is backing you up a little more here. Some studies have shown the first-born child typically has a higher IQ than the children who follow.

The oldest child is expected to take more initiative than the other siblings, acting as a leader. Some oldest siblings may struggle with managing stress due to this heavy expectation.

Stuck In The Middle

Middle siblings tend to base their personalities off the oldest and the youngest in the family. By managing the energies of the oldest and the youngest, middle children tend to be more aware of their environment and are diligent workers.

What if you don’t have any siblings? Only children have a tendency to be more codependent than those with siblings. This is because they generally have a more self-centered nature, never having to split quality time with their parents with a brother or sister.

Now, you know the theory behind birth order and personality. Does the shoe fit?