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Entering the mind of a billionaire

Quick notes: 

  • Don’t forget to unplug your brain and recharge

  • Giving back is important 

  • A business relationship requires solid compromise skills

Bill Gates’ mind is a fascinating place, and thanks to Netflix, we’re lucky enough to get a sneak peek at how the billionaire business magnate thinks. If you haven’t seen the Inside Bill’s Brain documentary, do add it to your list. It’ll take you on a unique journey through Bill Gates’ life and everything he has ever learned through it. It’s completely raw and full of important insights. But if you don’t have the time to watch it, we’ll fill you in on some of the biggest lessons that’ll hopefully inspire you and forever change the way you live your life. 

Unplug and engage in ‘me time’ 

When you have a busy mind and an even more hectic life schedule, it’s hard to just shut it off. But try to imagine what Bill Gates’ mind looks like. Taking the time to unplug and recharge is extremely important to nourish the brain and have the ‘me time’ you deserve. Bill Gates himself holds what he calls a ‘think week’ where he spends all his time focusing on himself. And since Bill has a pretty packed schedule, it shows that taking a break is possible for just about anyone – you just have to make time for it. 

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The documentary also highlights the fact that healthy collaboration is key to success. Partnering with his wife and starting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation unlocked new challenges and allowed Bill to see the importance of teamwork and respect within that team. Each of them has a unique quality they bring to the table, and together they’re able to tackle challenging business objectives. The ability to compromise cultivates a well-rounded business.

Reflect on your values – often

The documentary also highlights the fact that Bill’s made some questionable sacrifices, including putting work first before his entire family. He overworked himself to the point where he had to rethink his life priorities. To keep life in balance, it’s essential to reflect on your values to make sure you still follow the healthy and fulfilling path. Bill even states that he regrets not thanking Melinda more and putting his family first. Don’t make the same mistake. 

Even before he became as successful as he is today, Bill also made sure he gave back to the community that raised him as well as helping those far less privileged. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on giving back to provide better sanitation and other, often overlooked social issues in developing countries. In the documentary, he argues that: 

“Three million times a year, parents are burying children because of diarrhea. And in the world that I’m spending time in, I’ve never met a single parent who had to bury a child because they died of diarrhea. So it makes you wonder, hey, is the world applying its incredible set of resources to eliminate these deaths?”

Bill also discussed his most significant life’s takeaways in many of his interviews, including the fireside chat with Village Global. He admitted that engaging in mismanagement was one of the biggest mistakes that caused Microsoft to lose on the opportunity to be as popular as Android. Being humble and being able to recognize your mistakes in order to grow is yet another important Bill Gates lesson that will make a difference in everyone’s lives – especially for those that are on an entrepreneurial path.  

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