skin care


Companies that make skin care products thrive on the mistakes people make when dealing with their skin. They count on people having blemishes and wrinkles and everything in between to leave them cringing when they look in the mirror. However, many skin problems are quite preventable. These five skin care tips should not be overlooked if you want to end skin-related stress for good.

When You Wash Your Face Matters

Many shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products contain chemicals that might be good for your hair, but they are horrible for your face. That is why the best time to wash your face is at the end of your shower. Also good to note is the fact that leaving products on the skin too long can actually cause more harm than good, worsening acne and causing redness and irritation.

Face Scrub Is Best When Used Only On Occasion

Scrubs meant to provide deep exfoliation and remove dead skin cells are good for your skin only if used sparingly. The truth is, your skin does not really need help regenerating. Scrubs do help the regeneration process move along more quickly, but sometimes that can be too quickly. Using a scrub every day may very well be removing your skin’s protective layer.

Makeup Remover Is Your Friend

Using only water or even regular skin cleansing products to remove makeup does not get the job done. Without actual makeup remover, the chance that your face is not completly cleaned of cosmetics is high. This puts your skin in danger of acne, high oil content, and pore clogging. Real makeup remover is worth the investment and the few extra seconds to really get that makeup off your face.

Skipping Toner Is Beauty No-No

Toner has a couple key functions. It restores the skin’s pH balance to its normal state, especially after harsh cleansers, and it makes other products, like moisturizers, more effective. People who use toner are less likely to experience dry and irritated skin, and are more likely to consistently have healthy-looking and feeling skin.

How Often Do You Change Your Pillowcase?

It does not matter how clean you think your hair and body are, not changing your pillowcase often enough is bound to cause skin problems. To avoid skin blemishes of all kinds, change your pillowcase every two to three days. Wait any longer, and your pillow will be ripe with the dust, dirt, and hair necessary to make you break out.