Womans Day

you’re ready to get pregnant, chances are you’re spending a lot more time in bed than normal. But there are many things that impact your fertility other than sex— although that is an important piece. These five tips, that are all linked to overall health, can help set you on the right track to conceive.

Track Your Ovulation And Time Your Sex Life

The only time a woman can get pregnant is while she’s ovulating, so it’s important to understand when that is and to get busy. There are apps that can help you better understand your cycle, but there are also signs pointing to when you’re fertile such as an increase in your basal body temperature and a change in your cervical fluid.

Cut The Bad Habits

It may seem like a no brainer to quit smoking and cut back on drinking, but there’s actually science behind why these habits negatively impact fertility. For women, alcohol can change estrogen levels and ultimately make egg implementation less likely. Smoking impacts both women and men, causing eggs to deplete faster and lowering the quality of men’s sperm.

Take Care Of Your Body

Everyone knows that while you’re pregnant, what you put into your body impacts your baby. So why would it be any different before you get pregnant? If you’re trying to increase your chances of fertility, make sure you are eating right and taking vitamins to nourish your body. Being healthy can improve hormone levels and being unhealthy can cause cycles to be irregular and ultimately disrupt your attempt to conceive.

Be Careful Of Pesticides

Next time you walk through the grocery isle, there’s another reason to shop for organic products. Studies have shown that pesticides can decrease male fertility and throw a woman’s cycle off-track, making it harder to conceive. In fact, a reproduction study discovered consuming pesticides can lower the male sperm count.

Become A No-Drama-Mama

Stress and anxiety have a major impact on a person’s health, especially when you’re trying to get pregnant. Your body can be thrown into whack when you have a lot of stress into your life which can impact your hormones and ovulation cycle. To increase fertility, take up a new hobby like yoga or schedule regular massages to relax your mind and body.v