It’s easy to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram to find the perfect hair inspiration. But you don’t need to scroll anymore. The most popular hairstyle right now is the blunt haircut. This straight-edge style (no split ends!) is a showstopper. Luckily, there are five celebrities who are rocking this hairstyle. Do you need some inspiration? Learn from these ladies!

Be Sophisticated Like Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is always sophisticated, no matter what outfit she wears or how she styles her hair. But recently, the Scandal star has been impressing everyone with her elegant blunt haircut. You don’t need short hair to pull off this look, and Washington proves that with her past-the-shoulder hairdo.

Keep It Long Like Beyonce

If you thought Kerry Washington’s hair was long for a blunt haircut, think again. Beyoncé has proven you can have a blunt hairstyle with any length of hair, even her long, past-the-waist hair length. Her hair is straight, sleek, and it looks easy to maintain. Who doesn’t want to copy Beyoncé’s style choices?

Curl It Like Kelly Ripa

You don’t need straight hair to pull off a blunt haircut. Like Kelly Ripa, you can have naturally wavy hair, with soft, delicate curls, and you’ll still look sophisticated. Ripa’s hairstyle looks easy to maintain, which probably helps the morning talk show host as she gets ready for the day.

Part It Like Emilia Clarke

There are so many ways to style a blunt haircut. Everyone has different preferences. For example, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke defines her haircut with a middle part. This is a sophisticated, bold style, but also simple and easy to maintain at the same time. If you’re aiming for a casual appearance, this haircut will do the trick.

Be Classy Like Anna Wintour

The one and only Anna Wintour always has a timeless, classy hairstyle. The Vogue editor-in-chief has seen her fair share of fashion, and she clearly knows what looks good. Her blunt haircut curls her hair towards her to frame her face. This is simple, but it will always be sophisticated.