thin hair

For the most part, thin hair is either hereditary or caused by aging. There is nothing you can do to change the thickness of your hair, so you might as well learn to work with it. Many people have thin hair, so naturally, they have come up with some tricks to make their hair appear more voluminous. These five haircuts work magic on thin hair and are worth looking into if you’re sick of your hair always falling flat.

Deep Side Part

Cutting your hair to maintain a deep side part is a great way to make thin hair look thicker. It is essentially an optical illusion. Putting most of the hair to one side means pretty much all of your hair is lumped together. This makes it look like it has volume. The deep side part also provides some lift at the roots.

Choppy Pixie

First of all, the longer a strand of hair is, the weaker it becomes. That’s why long hair is often a bad choice for those with thin hair. A choppy layered pixie cut, on the other hand, can do wonders for thin hair. The choppiness is what especially adds volume. Use a light styling wax or balm that won’t weigh your hair down for extra definition.

Long All Over

If your hair is thin but you’re set on long hair, stay away from layers. Most people think layers add volume, but that isn’t true if your hair is thin. Layers on thin hair can actually make it look thinner. Here’s a great tip for this hairstyle if you have thin hair: use a curling iron to add some soft waves.

Angled Bob

Fine hair tends to fall flat, and a short angled bob cut can easily combat that. Bobs that are longer at the front help to stack your hair’s weight in a single place. This creates the appearance of fuller hair. Plus, you get to sport a classically beautiful look that never goes out of style.

Full Bangs

Any cut you choose for your thin hair can be boosted significantly with full bangs. Thin bangs will likely make your hair look thinner, so make sure you get them nice and thick. A heavy set of bangs adds density and body to the front, where the attention usually is.