It is impossible to feel happy all the time. Humans are fickle creatures, and our moods can be affected by even the tiniest things. That being said, exercise might be able to offer a lot of relief in the mood department. Fitness experts agree that, in particular, these five types of exercise are the best of the best to chase your bad mood away.

Team Sports Will Cheer Your Up

Almost any type of exercise has the power to improve a person’s mood to some degree, but team sports take the trophy for mood-boosting exercises. Team sports involve being social, so people are more likely to follow through with them, as others are holding them accountable. Also, being social in and of itself can be a mood-booster. That’s double work being done to get your bad mood out of town.

Yoga Is For Body And Mind

Yoga can be helpful for any bad mood, but it is especially helpful for those experiencing stress and anxiety. It is a mind-body exercise that encourages deep breathing and being in the present moment. All the while, the various movements it entails keep your blood flowing and heart pumping, meaning you can expect yoga practice to help chase away negative thoughts and calm your mind.

Get Those Endorphins Pumping With Cardio

The science behind cardio workout’s mood-enhancing abilities lies in the brain. As your heart beats faster, your brain pumps endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. Each of these has their own part in improving your mood, and they work quickly and effectively. The next time you’re feeling down, trying something like aerobics, running, or even jumping rope.

Gardening Makes People Happy

Gardening is exercise, and one that has mood-boosting powers to boot. A person can burn as many as 400 calories in an hour gardening, depending on exactly what they are doing (such as lots of digging). All the while, being in nature as well as completing a rewarding task compound with your bodily movement to equal you in a better mood.

Kickbox Your Blues Away

Kickboxing is a great way to relieve tension that builds up in the mind and body. Kicking and punching movements are healthy ways to express emotions like anger and frustration especially, generally causing those feelings to dissipate in the process. It is also a cardio workout where you burn tons and tons of calories. It’s all wins, both mood and body, with kickboxing.