Houston Chronicle

Doctors save countless lives on a daily basis. Their service to humanity is always worthy of the highest praise. But behind the curtain, there are certain things they keep hidden from the public. After reading these shocking secrets, you won’t be able to look at your doctor the same way ever again.

Buying Shelf Placement

Do you know how, at award ceremonies, celebrities are overwhelmed with a plethora of free goodies? Oddly enough, the same can be said for doctors. Medical professionals are often plied with free meals or paid trips in exchange for product support. This happens whenever a product fails to sustain high reviews from medical experts.

Slacking With Research

I’m sure your teacher always taught you to do your research before delivering that term paper. But many doctors don’t even give their reports a second pass. They’re simply handed off to whoever automatically approves them. Without a second glance, things might get a bit dicey for the patient involved.

Learning Compassion 101

It’s almost unreal that empathy has to be taught in modern times. Unfortunately for many patients out there, a large percentage of doctors lack this ability. Classes in empathy are offered to doctors at several universities. Hopefully, they will have a better understanding of their patients’ true feelings and better bedside manner.

Summertime Blues

Hopefully, you’ve ever needed medical attention for anything serious during the month of July. This is the time of year when many new doctors begin residencies and rotations, and will handle patients for the first time. This might lead to your situation becoming worse if your doctor in training messes up.

Bring It On

Drugs and cheerleaders don’t really seem like they go hand-in-hand. But drug reps from many major companies turn to these avid spirit-boosters for sales. They’re usually picked to promote pharmaceuticals because of their overflowing enthusiasm in any situation. A Memphis employment firm called Spirited Sales Leaders was created for the sole purpose of hiring cheerleaders for sales promotions.