Since the dawn of time, men and women have held different views on attraction. Men find themselves going at it the wrong way when it comes to trying to woo a potential mate. When it comes to dating, women will find themselves more interested in men with these five traits.

Just The Two Of Us

Some men get too busy to spend time with their lady. They’ll often just deliver a big present in order to make it up to her. Most of the time, this does nothing to replace actual time spent together. Women love men that will set up dates and vacations where they can have some quiet time.

Eye To Eye

Eye contact is one of the most important things to have. Without it, you don’t seem interested in the conversation. “Eye contact is a way of feeling connected, and feeling that [another person] is interested in you has a huge effect of feeling love for a person,” psychologist Arthur Aron told The Guardian.

Cry, Baby, Cry

One of the biggest misconceptions about men is they are not allowed to showcase emotion. Many of them are taught this from their fathers. Men seen crying are often considered weak by their peers. To women, being able to display your deepest emotions means you’re human like everyone else.

Would I Lie To You?

Being a liar will get you absolutely nowhere in life. In relationships, this can easily end things in a split second. Men that are always truthful also known to be very dependable in tough situations and very caring. Women that run into liars will often warn others about their ways.

Hold The Door

You might often hear the phrase “chivalry is dead,” but it’s still alive and well in some men. Opening doors, lending a jacket when it gets cold, and simple respect goes a long way. While it may look foolish to some in today’s world, it’s still a big turn on. “Don’t get discouraged by a few dirty looks. Keep acting like a gentleman. You’ll stand out in the crowd and will find a lady to appreciate you,” relationship expert Julie Spira told Muscle and Fitness.