Trying to cope with unexpected breakouts is annoying and disappointing. But what if your behaviors are contributing to your unclear skin? Much of our lifestyle, from what we eat to how we’re feeling, has an impact on our complexion. These are five lesser-known issues that may be contributing to your peskiest acne!

Your Facial Products

While facial products are created to fight blemishes, your brand might actually be clogging your pores! Many types of acne-combating products dry out skin and include supplemental moisturizers in their products. Unfortunately, many of these added chemicals are harmful to your skin and pores! If your facewash or commercial acne products aren’t labeled “noncomedogenic,” you may want to invest in a new brand.

Flamin’ Foods

If you’re a fan of hot flavors, your skin may benefit from a milder diet! For some people, the peppers in spicier dishes can alter the skin’s pH levels. This means that flaming meals can lead to massive breakouts. If you’re struggling with acne, be aware of your skin’s nutritional triggers!

Working Out

It’s true that staying active can help promote clearer skin. But what about your after-exercise hygiene? If you want your complexion to stay vibrant, its important for your workout recovery to tend to your skin. Exercising in a cold gym, keeping your hands off your sweaty face, and taking a cold shower once you’re done exercising can all fight post-workout acne!

You’re Stressed Out

Stress comes with a plethora of negative health issues, and your skin may be one of its victims. Any anxiety that isn’t dealt with causes your body to produce stress hormones, clogging your pores with oil. If you’re grappling with both your mind and your complexion, it may be time to add some self-care into your schedule!

Too Much Time In The Sun

As tempting as it is to bask in the sun in the summertime, you may be damaging your complexion in some surprising ways! Other than skin cancer, overexposure to the sun can trigger your skin to produce more oil. This often results in plenty of pesky pimples to go with your tan! Sunscreen may feel like an extra hassle, but it may fend off breakouts as much as sunburns!