What makes us feel attracted to someone includes factors that are biological, cultural, and experiential. Another part of attraction has to do with behaviors and actions. Some of these are fairly obvious, while others seem like they couldn’t possibly be true. Still, there is real proof that they are effective.

Confidence Makes You Sexy

People who feel confident are often seen by others as more physically attractive. This means that regardless of what you look like, more people will be attracted to you if you have confidence. Research from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science as well as from Washington State University supports this conclusion.

You Won’t Stay Single Long If You Smile And Laugh A Lot

Both laughing and smiling are powerful tools of attraction. That is because these behaviors release endorphins, serotonin, and cause stress-relief in the body, improving not only your mood but others’ moods when they are around you. People feel happier when they see you happy, and that draws them right to you.

Kindness Is A Virtue

Being considerate, altruistic, compassionate, and generous impacts how people perceive not only your character but your appearance as well. A study in Evolutionary Psychology has even proven it. People will take note when you truly care about others. If you’re looking to attract, behaving with kindness will go a long way.

Being A Pet Owner Could Be Good For Your Love Life

People with pets tend to attract more potential partners than their petless counterparts. Whether it’s because your pet makes you more physically and mentally healthy, provides easier conversation starters, or because many people love animals, the results are inarguable. If you have a pet, you’re more likely to attract a mate.

Wearing Red Can Be More Than Just A Fashion Choice

Who would have thought that the color red actually makes women more attractive to men? Well, it does. It’s a proven scientific fact that women wearing red receive more propositions for dates. The association between red and romance is real! Red is interpreted as a woman’s color of sexuality.