beauty mark

Remove My Mole

We all have individual characteristics that make us unique. Maybe it is your eye color or your long, wavy hair, or even your glasses. Some of us are born with moles or other facial markings, and it turns out that these birthmarks hold long historical significance. It turns out imperfection has always been beauty far before tabloids of the Internet.

Not All Moles Are Created Equal

Although all beauty marks are indeed moles, there is one key difference between any old mole and a beauty mark. Beauty marks are moles or markings that are found solely on the face.

“The term ‘beauty marks’ has an aesthetic connotation, we generally tend to call moles on the face beauty marks, while the same exact mole elsewhere on the body is just called a mole,” stated Neal Schultz, the host of DermTV.

Many Celebs Put Them On Display

Some of the most iconic beauty marks are on the faces of some of the biggest celebrities. Bombshell Marilyn Monroe and model Cindy Crawford to name a few. Many women who are idolized for their beauty are adorned with these unique markings, and this admiration for facial markings began centuries ago.

Shakespeare Was A Fan

Beauty marks even had their special place in the 16th century. Legendary poet and playwright William Shakespeare found them quite remarkable. Many of his plays featured “figures who are, in the perception of age, ‘stained,’ and yet whose stain is part of their irresistible, disturbing appeal.”

Although Shakespeare fawned over these natural marks, they also played a very practical role in the 17th and 18th centuries.

They Hid Facial Scars From Serious Diseases

Smallpox devasted entire populations during the 17th and 18th centuries, and those who were lucky enough to survive were left with unsightly scars. Their solution? Many women began placing mouse fur on their faces to mimic a beauty mark—and hide any disfigurement.

These ladies were seriously crafty when it came to crafting the perfect mole.

Beauty Marks Are Obviously Timeless

The historical significance of these facial markings is undeniable — and they have become a desirable trait to people everywhere, even in the present day. You can even find people who have facial piercings to obtain this unique look.

The moral of the story? Imperfection is most definitely beauty throughout all historical time periods.