Many people struggle with procrastination. It can really be addicting, but in addition to addicting, it can be extraordinarily harmful to a person’s productivity. What if there was a method to defeat procrastination within as short a timespan as five minutes? The cofounder and former CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, argues that he has a life hack to do just that.

How To Stop Procrastinating

Kevin Systrom is a self-made billionaire, so when it comes to productivity, it may be in our best interest to listen to what he has to say. And what does he have to say in regards to procrastination?

While being interviewed by Mike Allen at Axios, Systrom asserted that a simple technique to combat procrastination is to just devote yourself to spending five minutes doing what is necessary. Even once five minutes are complete, you will find yourself finishing the entirety of the task (or at least a good deal of it).

How Does It Work?

The effectiveness of this technique can be hard to believe. However, even beyond the fact that Systrom probably has no reason to lie about this, it can be plausible.

Starting something is often the most difficult part, so if you get it started, it will probably be easier to do the remainder of your task, even if it takes much lonver than the five minutes you originally intended to spend on it.

Why To Try This

This method rests its effectiveness in the fact that procrastination often stems from a hesitance to start something new. Indeed, nearly half of our lives is just on autopilot. A 2010 study demonstrated that people are more comfortable with things that have been existent for long periods of time. Longevity is the opposite of change. For this reason, change can be difficult, even if it is just a matter of starting a new task.

So once you have overcome that mental hurdle, it will be easier to continue and then finish your task. If you do not believe it, then just try it yourself. The worst possibility would be that you get five minutes done of your task. The best possibility is that you finish your task completely, and all future tasks whenever you use this method.