cardio workouts

Finding time to go to the gym can be a real hassle for many of us with extremely busy lives. We know we need to do cardio workouts but we just have a hard time motivating ourselves. Why not stay home and work out, though? It’s cheaper than joining a gym and will save you time. Experts say just 15 minutes of low-intensity cardio can improve heart health significantly. At home, you can work out in your pajamas, if you like! Here are some suggestions:

Grab The Jump Rope

Remember jumping rope as a kid, while reciting rhymes? Jumping rope is not just for kids or for boxers. A jump rope is not expensive and jumping is definitely going to raise your heart rate. You can jump in front of the TV while binge-watching your favorite shows! Studies show you can burn through 220 calories in just twenty minutes.

Clean Up To A Beat

Housecleaning is nobody’s idea of fun, but it doesn’t have to be drudgery, either. It can make you break a sweat, too! Put on some music and vacuum the floor, or mop the floor. Squat down and dust those baseboards. Find a stiff brush and scrub those bathtubs. Double benefits – a cleaner house and a healthier heart!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

You don’t have to be Michael Jackson or Bruno Mars to dance up a storm. It’s pretty hard to listen to their music, though, and not want to get off your chair and groove. Who says cardio has to be boring? Put the music on and move for 30 minutes, for an excellent workout that gets your heart going.

Kickbox Your Flab Into Submission

There are tons of videos to help you get a kickboxing workout. You don’t even need boxing gloves – try oven mitts! For instructional videos, just do an internet search. Kickboxing offers a lot of benefits to not just your heart, but also to your eye-hand coordination, and it hones muscles. You can also use it for self-defense.

Take The Circuit Route

There are lots of ways to do this, and experts say varying the intensity of your workouts is optimal. Jog in place for a few minutes, in front of the TV. Run up the stairs. Jog in front of the fish tank for five minutes. Run downstairs. Do jumping jacks on the patio or deck for a few minutes. Head to the pantry and get those heavy cans and hold those straight out while marching in place. Run to the neighbor’s house and back.