Baby Wipe Containers

Veronica Magyar

Every parent can agree that babies are messy. You probably go through hundreds of baby wipes to clean their sticky face and hands. Instead of throwing away empty baby wipe containers, parents have developed multiple creative ways to reuse these containers for household hacks. Try these five easy, genius ways to put your containers to good use around the house.

Storage Containers

Once you take off the lid, baby wipe containers become great storage containers. You can easily store small baby items in these, and they will help you keep track of all the supplies you own. The more baby wipes you buy (which will be a lot), the more storage containers you will have to keep yourself organized. Isn’t that a perfect win-win situation?

Store Dryer Sheets

Baby wipe containers don’t need to only be used for your children. Save the containers to store your dryer sheets in the laundry room. Just like the containers make it easy for you to grab wipes, you’ll be quick to grab a new dryer sheet whenever you need one. You can also store plastic grocery bags, tissues, etc.

Storing Toys

Your kids own a lot of toys, and they always seem to be found around the house in a disorganized mess. Why don’t you reuse your empty baby wipe containers to store toys? You can store Lego pieces, sidewalk chalk, board game pieces, etc. You always need a container for something.

Store Kids Books

Baby wipe containers are the perfect size for your toddler’s books. You won’t need to own a bookcase when you have plenty of containers around the house. You can even decorate the containers using pages from old children’s books, and they will look great in your baby’s nursery.

Baby Shower Gift Box

Your best friend is having her own baby! When you attend her baby shower, you won’t have to buy a gift box because you already own one—your empty baby wipe container. Transform the container into a decorative gift box. The best part is that your friend can now reuse the box to store baby wipes. It’s the circle of life!