Awkward Family Photo via Twitter

Either an epiphany or a horrible realization …

Leading with the superimposing picture theme, this one probably takes the cake. How could you not love this? It’s like the photographer dangled something disgusting in front of her face before the shot (if this was the case, then he or she had excellent trolling skills).

Awkward Family Photos via Facebook

Or maybe she came to some mind-boggling realization right before the shot. As to the nature of her state of mind or thought, your guess is as good as ours. In our opinion, we hope it was the latter scenario due to its sheer hilarity.

A ski trip best left forgotten

We all have those family vacations that are best either forgotten or seldom talked about. The child on the far right definitely hit the slopes, but not in a graceful way. A couple of wipeouts will do that to you. The poor kid was probably on his stomach more than his feet that day.

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

Suffice to say, it looks like the other two had a successful and productive day on the mountain. However, the story goes the kid got the wrong drink out of the vending machine before the picture was taken. The real question is whether the photographer meant to get the distraught child in the frame. 

Not-so-fly bow ties

Aside from the awful bow ties, some family ideas are better left unsaid or never acted upon in general. This would be one of those cases. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a bad idea for a boyfriend-girlfriend or married couple, but the awkwardness reaches new heights when you have two shirtless brothers flanking their sister.

ImStillBigRed via Imgur

To add insult to injury, look at their facial expressions. The suggestive weirdness of this photo could have been avoided to some extent if they didn’t look so mischievous. Regardless, the parents should probably be held accountable.

The kids are not all right

Many families take on these photos with different perspectives in mind. Some are jubilant while others simply loathe every minute of it. In this instance, it seems like the kids are part of the latter category. Clearly, the parents are all about the pose, but the children aren’t amused. And we can’t say we blame them.

Awkward Family Photo via Twitter

After all, what kind of parents would subject their kids to this level of absurdity? Other than the picture making for a hilarious Hallmark card, there isn’t much utility in this photo. If this picture is on display somewhere in their parents’ house, their children are probably flipping it on its face every chance they get.

A family who leans together stays together?

Having a family support system is always crucial. Generally, that means emotional support … not physical (in most cases). Apparently, this family didn’t get the memo on that one. But hey, at least they seem happy, and that’s all that matters in the end!

@Awkwardfamilyphotos via Twitter

Although, one definitely has to consider, in the grand scheme of poses to choose from, why did this family go with this one? Not only does it look uncomfortable, but it makes for an awkward picture as well.

All the wrong things in this family picture …

It’s hard to find a place to begin with this picture. Besides the obvious inferences about the message being sent about health and well-being, why is the kid on the far right appearing to insatiably smoke a cigarette? Furthermore, whose idea was this in the first place?

@AwkFamPhoto via Twitter

If it was the father’s, then he probably should’ve considered some counseling. However, when taking the historical context into consideration, it makes sense this happened, because the health drawbacks of smoking weren’t made public until the 1950s and 1960s. Suffice to say, we don’t know exactly when this was taken, but we’re definitely not quick to be handing out excuses.

A cat missing its former life

This picture is all kinds of epic. You have to either be brave, bold, or just plain shameless to be wearing a turtleneck like that. But hey, at least it looks comfortable. Of course, we could be wrong about that. The cat, on the other hand, doesn’t look so comfy. We have a couple of theories for this …

Khaleesimarie via Imgur

Our first guess is it was probably wondering what it did in a former life to have been paired with its … eccentric owner. What would add to the hilarity is a scenario in which the cat took off its Christmas hat so it could think philosophically — we’re going to pretend that was the case.

Not enough pets?

We can’t really fault this family for bringing out their pets in full force. But putting that aside, can we talk about that beard? We want to know in what era this was ever popular; although the context for that question is probably best directed toward the area where the family is from.

Awkward Family Pet Photos via Facebook

If anything, it seems the pets have a better sense of style than their masters. For starters, what is that rogue strand of hair doing on the woman on the left? At least the pets are well groomed. Their masters seem to be suspect of this. You also have to credit the dog in the middle pulling off a perfect smile. Good boy!

Got the bride (or honeymoon?) on his mind

Ah yes, another instance of awkward superimposing over the background of a family photo. It’s hard to believe this was a huge trend back in the day. We think it may have had something to do with the advent — and subsequent awe — of photo editing, which may have sparked a popular trend in the industry at the time.

Awkward Family Photos via Facebook

In this particular case, it almost seems like the cover for an impending movie. As to the nature or genre of the potential film, we’ll leave that for you to decide. We have a feeling it would be a pretty compelling flick …

Sometimes, you just can’t get the kids to be still

It’s probably the most common problem with family pictures: getting those darn kids to be still. Or even from a simpler perspective, instructing — or convincing — them to make the right pose before the camera shutter goes off. In this case, it seems like there may have been some scheming happening from one of the siblings …

Awkward Family Photos via Facebook

This, as many parents may know, isn’t an uncommon theme in terms of sibling rivalries, especially during the adolescent stage. For this picture, it seems like the sister sort of egged the infant on, which inevitably led to a domino effect on the others. This all while the parents, understandably, gave up altogether.

He’ll always be inside your head …

Parents seem to have different, nuanced problems with raising kids for obvious reasons. Of course, whoever says that raising a child is easy is deliberately (probably) lying. But what if a child has a grip on their parents in such a way they know exactly what they’re thinking at any given point?

Awkward Family Photos via Facebook

Sounds like something out of a horror movie! Either way, you have to appreciate the humor in this picture. You can tell the child is up to something mischievous, despite the wishes of what appears to be his mother, whether or not she knows it.

They gave up on the kids altogether

Roughhousing seems to be a common staple among brothers. In this photo, that association is put on full display. It also looks like the parents gave up on trying to get them to stay put for this photo. And in their defense, we can’t really blame them. Some kids are practically uncontrollable.

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

At least the parents seemed to be good sports about it. They have mastered the art of letting the kids do their thing. Don’t worry parents, they’ll get exhausted soon enough and eventually succumb to the inevitability of adulthood. It’s just a matter of time …   

You’ll float too …

Some of these photos are just plain creepy — regardless of whether it was originally intended. The question in this instance becomes, whose idea was it to dress up as a clown — and an extremely scary one at that — and put on the creepiest pose imaginable? You can’t help but feel bad for that poor kid.

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

Surprisingly enough, this kid seems practically unfazed by it all. You have to appreciate his bravery; or maybe he had no idea this particular pose was going on. Either way, we think Stephen King himself would have been proud of this “masterpiece.”

A new family addition?

There is often joy and eager anticipation that goes hand in hand when adopting a new family member. However, this drastically changes when the adoptee is a ventriloquist puppet. From this picture, it’s probably safe to infer the puppet is being controlled by the father. But judging from the facial expressions of everyone else, nobody knows what’s going on.

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

And speaking of facial expressions, the dad actually looks quite out of sorts, which is somewhat ironic, given that the puppet was most likely his idea in the first place. One can only hope they did away with this idea for future family shoots … 

The pets weren’t fans either

Some dogs just don’t get along, as with many humans. Here, they simply weren’t fans of each other. There could have been many reasons for this, one of which may have been the questionable fashion taste of the individual who thought it was aesthetically suitable to put their kids in white turtlenecks.

Awkward Family Photo via Twitter

On a positive note, at least the kids are seemingly loving everything that’s happening in this photo. It’s almost as if this whole debacle was planned, in a way. However, we’ll go with the safe guess and say it wasn’t.

Acting interested over … what?

There’s so much to address in this picture that the mere thought of going about it is quite daunting. Oh, where to begin? Well, clearly this family isn’t used to camping. Otherwise, why would they have to act interested, or out of place, or fake in general?

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

Also, is this the first time the mother has read a book? Because that’s pretty much what it looks like. On a more hilarious note, the boys clearly look like they don’t know what to do with their newly discovered tools — the one on the left caught his hook on the binoculars and the other is inadvertently aiming a stick at his mom.

Pondering where it all went wrong?

This seemed to be a huge trend for family pictures during the ’80s and ’90s — family photos superimposing the father (or mother) over the family. This gives a feeling that there is a trademark system going on. Specifically, like the family is owned by whoever is superimposed in the background.

AHoundOfHell via Imgur

Predictably, the result is always an unrelentingly awkward family photo, with subsequent generations wishing it never happened in the first place after looking back at those images. But hey, we’ll try to give them a pass on this one. We know it was hard not to give into the cultural movement of … superimposing a giant face onto family pictures …

Taking creepiness to new heights

Dressing up as clowns is somewhat typical for a Halloween idea. While it looks like the one on the far left didn’t share the same idea, she may have benefited from partaking in this photo shoot. Though, it seems like she’s progressively trying to distance herself from the rest of the group …

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

Now, we would be deeply remiss if we neglected to mention the woman on the far right — we’re not sure if we should be commending whoever did her makeup or admonishing them. Either way, the appearance of horror was definitely achieved to some degree.

The forgotten child?

At first glance, this poor kid looks like he was deliberately left out of the picture. Just look at his unfortunate, sullen face. He clearly wants to be a part of the photo; or maybe not. We’re not sure either way.

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

To be fair, the account user was quoted as saying his son “snuck off” on his own. Still, we think this picture would make for a hilarious Thanksgiving greeting card. Although, once the kid grows up, he’ll probably end up regretting this picture in all likelihood. 

Got milk?

There are definitely some health benefits to drinking milk, especially with keeping your calcium at an optimal level. However, if this family was trying to prove what their favorite drink is, they certainly left nothing to the imagination. We’re guessing this may have been taken around the time when there was a milk craze taking the country by storm.

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

We’ll try to defend them with the rationale that this may have been the time when the “Got milk?” commercials were at their peak. If this isn’t the case, then we obviously have to wonder why they thought this was a good idea.

The first pumpkin patch is always the worst

Many of us remember our first pumpkin patch. Some of the memories might be good while others are perhaps best left in the past. For this family, it seems like the latter scenario is most applicable. The baby is certainly not having it, much to the sheer look of regret on the dad’s face.

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

From what we’re able to discern, it almost seems like there was something revolting to the child that’s out of the frame, which is commanding the attention of the mother and causing the baby to cry. What’s certain is that the father’s reaction is priceless comedy. 

Don’t mind him, he’s just ‘butting’ in

There’s a whole lot of wrong with this photo. According to the account, those behind the children are their grandparents — who are holding cigarettes. Now, during this time, we’re assuming the truth about the long-term health effects of nicotine may have still been under wraps; but what’s with the guy on the far left?

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

It seems to be unknown as to whether this was intentional or by mistake, but we’re assuming it had to be the latter. However, there is certainly reason to believe he may have been trying to troll the picture. In any case, let’s just thank the heavens those shorts aren’t “in” anymore.

Pick a card … literally any card

Everyone likes a good game of cards at the family table during Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any given holiday. So to make that emblematic of your family during a traditional holiday picture, we’re not going to fault them for that. But if you look closer, you’ll see that not all of those cards are playing cards. 

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

We’re honestly not sure in what universe — it almost seems like this was taken in an alternate one — this seemed like a good idea, because many of those cards look like gift cards — including a Blockbuster card in the bottom left, which shows how old this picture is. 

He came, he saw, he conquered?

This might be the winner of one of the weirdest ideas we’ve seen put into action with family pictures. First off, why is he putting his foot on the back of his daughter? It’s as if he just landed on the moon or some undiscovered plot of land and declared it as his own.

@Cammencionada via Twitter

The rest of the family, to their credit, seem to be dealing with the awkward pose well. They’re smiling and fully participating in the photo, even though this was clearly the father’s/husband’s idea. At least they’re all in matching outfits?

The perfect poorly timed photo

Sometimes, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. It’s hard to begin with this one because there is so much going wrong, to the detriment of this family and to the benefit of our entertainment. From the outset, it looks like the baby’s explicit distress may have started a chain reaction.

awkwardfamilyphotos via Instagram

There’s the guy in the back, who is rolling his eyes as if to say, “I wish I weren’t here right now.” Then there are others in the photo who aren’t even looking at the baby or at the camera lens; most of them just look bored.

Sometimes, you just give up

There are plenty of families who take family pictures seriously. And who can blame them? These moments are meant to be cherished and carried on from generation to generation, so it’s only natural for parents to retake pictures to make sure they get the best shot possible.

Brandon O’Connor via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

For this one, however, it seems like this idea was swiftly disregarded. The mom just simply gave up. Either that, or this was one of those “make a funny pose” moments. And even if that was the case, this looks like a pretty poor attempt at trying to be funny. Clearly, the kids aren’t digging it. Thanks a lot, mom.

The cat clearly wasn’t a fan

For starters, you have to love everything going on with the background of this picture. It certainly gives off a retro vibe and more or less matches the man’s sweater — now that’s impressive coordination! What’s even better is that the couple seems to be pretty content with the picture, too.

Brenna via Flickr/CC BY 2.0

It seems like the only discontent family member in this picture is the cat. Whether it was peeved about the style choices or being dragged to yet another family photo, we don’t know. What can be said about it with the utmost certainty is that it’s still pretty cute.

When dogs get uncomfortable

From the trend of these pictures, it seems the awkward family photos aren’t just limited to humans. Indeed, many of these poor animals have been subjected to awkward photos, too. This is certainly the case in this photo. Although you definitely have to credit the dog with the perfect over-the-shoulder pose.

Fairybutt via Imgur

Of course, it has no idea his owner is dressed up as a cat. If it did, then maybe it would have taken a different attitude to his owner scratching his back during the shot. Although, we can appreciate the lengths the owner went to in order to resemble a cat for the picture.

A rainbow side dog pile?

A good ol’-fashioned dog pile sometimes tends to be the going idea for a family picture. Of course, we wouldn’t suggest that, but many of these other families probably would, including this one. Our inevitable question is, why dress up in multicolored clothing and wear face paint?

Stomp via Facebook

What’s even more confusing is the kids seem to be going along with it without much resistance. You would assume most kids would put up a fight or argue, but not in this case. We can only hope that they are truly happy and not putting on an act, which is certainly possible.

Those angsty adolescent years everybody tries to forget

We all have those years best left forgotten in the past, especially during our edgy adolescent history (if applicable). If you had a childhood going back to the years of The Cure or — something more recent — Green Day, then this phase probably feels pretty relatable on some level.

Awkward Family Photo via Twitter

Of course, these things are best left in the past, but pictures like this only serve to bring up the hilarity of these times. The mother certainly doesn’t look too supportive of her children’s punk rock inclinations. But don’t worry, mom, it’s just a phase; they’ll figure it out soon enough.

The creepy clown that wouldn’t leave

We understand clowns often get a bad rap these days. While some aren’t deserving of this distinction, this one certainly is. It’s one thing, of course, if the kids are liking it; it’s quite another if they feel or look petrified. In this case, the latter appears to be the most true, understandably.

Awkward family photosAwkward family photos
Awkward Family Photos via Instagram

From a purely fashion-esque critique, one has to question the clown’s color coordination -or in this case, dysfunction- of pink on white. It looks extremely bland and only serves to add to the creepy aura and awkward smile.

A ride he’ll never forget

Some people just aren’t into the adrenaline junkie scene. You usually figure this out through trial and error rather early into your lifetime. Whether this is through taking on a steep hill after riding a bike for the first time, or jumping off a high ledge into a deep lake, you will usually gauge what you know what lengths you’ll take to get a thrill.

Awkward family photosAwkward family photos
Awkward family photos via Instagram

For this kid, it’s probably safe to assume he isn’t a huge adrenaline buff. He’s clearly terrified despite being on what appears to be a version of Splash Mountain at Disneyland, which is regarded by many as a pretty lackluster ride.

A family of Winnies

We get it: Winnie the Pooh is pretty adorable. While this is true in theory, it’s another thing to effectively put it into practice. Apparently, it appears the father of this family didn’t quite get that memo. The photo could have possibly been saved altogether if it was only the mother and the child.

Awkfamilyphotos via Twitter

If it were only those two, it would actually be a pretty cute picture. But hey, at least the father adds some hilarity into the mix. As to whether he really wanted to go along with it, is another matter entirely. Hopefully he wasn’t being held against his will.

Trying to ‘hang loose’…

Whoever told this kid of the ‘hang loose’ gesture needs to be reprimanded in some way. The kid obviously gets a pass on this one because of his age. But his parents, babysitter or whoever is responsible should probably come to realize they just showed this kid how to start a fight in probably the most fastest way possible.

Awkward family photosAwkward family photos
Awkward family photos via Instagram

But adding Santa into the mix certainly adds more hilarity into the mix. You can clearly tell he’s noticing what is transpiring right in front of his eyes. He’s probably wondering where this kid will be decades from now…

Sunday school gone wrong

It’s a day many kids dreaded throughout their childhood lives: Sunday school. And this child is no exception. She’s clearly not a fan. Whoever put that pamphlet in her hands was probably going against her will. In all fairness, it’s pretty hard to conjure up excitement for what is likely going to be a lecture when you’re in your elementary school days.

Awkward family photos via Instagram

And while it looks like her parents may have jammed that Sunday pamphlet in her hands, at least it seems like they went out of their way to outfit and make sure her hair was in order. So we suppose you can commend them for that!

We Hope You’re Not Eating for This One…

Clearly, this baby ate right before this photo was taken. And now the mom is getting an unexpected meal, as well. At least it’s her own baby, perhaps that makes it slightly less gross? It looks like it would have actually been a lovely photo is not for the unfortunate incident…

Image: Facebook / Awkward Family Photos

We suppose that there’s a lesson to be learned here: never EVER feed your baby right before lifting them in the air. In fact, maybe save all spinning around / airborne photos until your kids are old enough to hold it in. Let’s thank this family for teaching all of us this very important lesson.

When You Want Your Balloon to Be the Star of the Show

It seems that this kid wanted the balloon to take her place in the family photo. The best part is that the mom and brother are just smiling like there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on. Apparently, no one minded that the dad just wasn’t in the photo… We kind of feel bad for him.

Image: Twitter / Dr. Andy Mitchell

Of course, we don’t really know what’s going on here but we imagine it went something like this: The girl wanted to hold her balloon in the photo and her dad didn’t allow it. So the girl retaliated by not only covering her face in the photo but covering her dad’s as well, with the balloon! That’s some sass!

Note to Self: Just Choose One Theme

There is so much going on here, we don’t know what to think! They’ve got a whole Christmas theme, a gingerbread house, matching sweaters (for the dogs too), and a whole fur family! One of these themes alone could have made for a cute photo but all of them together just looks like Santa threw up.

Image: Reddit / Ecovarru90

Clearly, this couple put a lot of effort into their holiday photo and they do look quite proud of themselves. We think they definitely deserve points for going the extra mile and we’re sure that this picture brought a smile to their family’s faces. Let’s just remember for our own holiday photos, that sometimes less is more.

No Wonder People Are Scared of Clowns

What’s creepier than a clown? A clown photobombing your family picture! We don’t blame these kids for looking scared and, clearly, the dad has no idea! Luckily, according to the guy who posted this pic, no clown phobias were developed in the making of this photo.

Image: Reddit / IronGiantFan99

If it weren’t for the clown’s photobomb, this could’ve have been a really cute photo. The kids’ matching outfits are adorable, the dad looks like super dad, and the background is great. Apparently, a great family photo was Creepy Clown’s cue to jump in and make things awkward.

Don’t Drop the Baby!

This would have been a really cute family beach photo if it weren’t for mom dropping the baby. We’re sure that the parents were terrified at the time, but luckily the kid was okay, so we can laugh about this photo now. Cheers to kids being incredibly resilient!

Image: Facebook / STEVE On Watch

The best part of this photo is the parents’ facial expressions. The dad looks horrified but he still has a sort of smile on his face, like he’s not sure if he should still be posing. Then, there’s the other kid, who’s about to fly away as well. We can definitely consider this one to be an epic photo fail.

This Woman Has Grit!

There’s definitely a story to be told here. Apparently, this mom got a nose job just two days before the family was scheduled to get their photo taken. The photographer said there’d be a cancellation fee if they didn’t show up, so this woman decided to get the photos done anyway! Good for her!

Image: Facebook / Awkward Family Photos

Honestly, we can’t help but admire this woman’s determination to get a nice family photo. The best part is that mom and kids are all smiling as if this is a completely normal picture and there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on. Nothing can stop this family from getting their photo!

That Looks Like It Hurts

That poor dad looks like he’s in a lot of pain, and his daughter looks like she’s having the time of her life! It appears that the little girl wanted a horsey ride and took her dad’s hair like reigns. Or maybe she was falling and needed something to hold on to? Whatever the story is, it definitely makes for a hilarious photo.

Image: Facebook / Tintu – Mon

You’ve got to give props to the dad, he’s still doing a good job of holding onto his kid. The girl’s smile is absolutely hilarious, this poor girl has no idea that her dad doesn’t like her game! We hope daddy and daughter have some less painful family photos in the future.

We Know Who Was Naughty and Who Was Nice, This Year

Mom and dad clearly have a favorite, as one kid gets a toy dog while the other gets a pack of socks. This picture has us feeling all the emotions as the baby looks so happy but his sister has zero chill. This girl has no problem making her feelings known and it’s clear that mom and dad are going to get a talking to after this photo.

Image: Facebook / Awkward Family Photos

We love this little girl’s sass and we’re sure that she won’t let her parents live this down any time soon. You can just see on her face that she’s already plotting her sweet revenge. Watch out mom and dad, you’re definitely getting lumps of coal for Christmas, next year!

We Want to Live In Their Universe!

We have no idea what this couple took but they look extremely happy about it! The background for this photo matched with their facial expressions makes us feel like there were some serious psychedelics involved. We hope they had some leftovers for the photographer…

Image: Facebook / Awkward Family Photos

The cat looks like he may have gotten a bit of what its owners had. Its face is perfectly conveying what we are feeling while looking at this picture. It appears that he’s either trying to dance to some imaginary beat or run away from this crazy photo. Either way, this cat is definitely our new spirit animal!

What’s Going on Behind the Camera?

We really want to know what’s going on with the photographer behind the camera. It looks like they said something incredibly disturbing that bothered everyone except for the blonde sister, who looks like nothing fazes her. Also, what’s with the weird hand placements? There’s no way that’s how these siblings naturally stand together.

Image: Facebook / Milison Allen

Another theory is that the photographer didn’t do anything and the blonde sister is actually responsible for this awkward family photo. Her smile is basically the personification of a dad joke: proud of how everyone else is cringing. The other siblings definitely look like they’ve heard a dad joke: horrified. No matter what happened here, it made for a hilarious photo that these siblings will definitely have to recreate as adults!