We Hope You’re Not Eating for This One…

Clearly, this baby ate right before this photo was taken. And now the mom is getting an unexpected meal, as well. At least it’s her own baby, perhaps that makes it slightly less gross? It looks like it would have actually been a lovely photo is not for the unfortunate incident…

Image: Facebook / Awkward Family Photos

We suppose that there’s a lesson to be learned here: never EVER feed your baby right before lifting them in the air. In fact, maybe save all spinning around / airborne photos until your kids are old enough to hold it in. Let’s thank this family for teaching all of us this very important lesson.

When You Want Your Balloon to Be the Star of the Show

It seems that this kid wanted the balloon to take her place in the family photo. The best part is that the mom and brother are just smiling like there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on. Apparently, no one minded that the dad just wasn’t in the photo… We kind of feel bad for him.

Image: Twitter / Dr. Andy Mitchell

Of course, we don’t really know what’s going on here but we imagine it went something like this: The girl wanted to hold her balloon in the photo and her dad didn’t allow it. So the girl retaliated by not only covering her face in the photo but covering her dad’s as well, with the balloon! That’s some sass!

Note to Self: Just Choose One Theme

There is so much going on here, we don’t know what to think! They’ve got a whole Christmas theme, a gingerbread house, matching sweaters (for the dogs too), and a whole fur family! One of these themes alone could have made for a cute photo but all of them together just looks like Santa threw up.

Image: Reddit / Ecovarru90

Clearly, this couple put a lot of effort into their holiday photo and they do look quite proud of themselves. We think they definitely deserve points for going the extra mile and we’re sure that this picture brought a smile to their family’s faces. Let’s just remember for our own holiday photos, that sometimes less is more.

No Wonder People Are Scared of Clowns

What’s creepier than a clown? A clown photobombing your family picture! We don’t blame these kids for looking scared and, clearly, the dad has no idea! Luckily, according to the guy who posted this pic, no clown phobias were developed in the making of this photo.

Image: Reddit / IronGiantFan99

If it weren’t for the clown’s photobomb, this could’ve have been a really cute photo. The kids’ matching outfits are adorable, the dad looks like super dad, and the background is great. Apparently, a great family photo was Creepy Clown’s cue to jump in and make things awkward.

Don’t Drop the Baby!

This would have been a really cute family beach photo if it weren’t for mom dropping the baby. We’re sure that the parents were terrified at the time, but luckily the kid was okay, so we can laugh about this photo now. Cheers to kids being incredibly resilient!

Image: Facebook / STEVE On Watch

The best part of this photo is the parents’ facial expressions. The dad looks horrified but he still has a sort of smile on his face, like he’s not sure if he should still be posing. Then, there’s the other kid, who’s about to fly away as well. We can definitely consider this one to be an epic photo fail.

This Woman Has Grit!

There’s definitely a story to be told here. Apparently, this mom got a nose job just two days before the family was scheduled to get their photo taken. The photographer said there’d be a cancellation fee if they didn’t show up, so this woman decided to get the photos done anyway! Good for her!

Image: Facebook / Awkward Family Photos

Honestly, we can’t help but admire this woman’s determination to get a nice family photo. The best part is that mom and kids are all smiling as if this is a completely normal picture and there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on. Nothing can stop this family from getting their photo!

That Looks Like It Hurts

That poor dad looks like he’s in a lot of pain, and his daughter looks like she’s having the time of her life! It appears that the little girl wanted a horsey ride and took her dad’s hair like reigns. Or maybe she was falling and needed something to hold on to? Whatever the story is, it definitely makes for a hilarious photo.

Image: Facebook / Tintu – Mon

You’ve got to give props to the dad, he’s still doing a good job of holding onto his kid. The girl’s smile is absolutely hilarious, this poor girl has no idea that her dad doesn’t like her game! We hope daddy and daughter have some less painful family photos in the future.

We Know Who Was Naughty and Who Was Nice, This Year

Mom and dad clearly have a favorite, as one kid gets a toy dog while the other gets a pack of socks. This picture has us feeling all the emotions as the baby looks so happy but his sister has zero chill. This girl has no problem making her feelings known and it’s clear that mom and dad are going to get a talking to after this photo.

Image: Facebook / Awkward Family Photos

We love this little girl’s sass and we’re sure that she won’t let her parents live this down any time soon. You can just see on her face that she’s already plotting her sweet revenge. Watch out mom and dad, you’re definitely getting lumps of coal for Christmas, next year!

We Want to Live In Their Universe!

We have no idea what this couple took but they look extremely happy about it! The background for this photo matched with their facial expressions makes us feel like there were some serious psychedelics involved. We hope they had some leftovers for the photographer…

Image: Facebook / Awkward Family Photos

The cat looks like he may have gotten a bit of what its owners had. Its face is perfectly conveying what we are feeling while looking at this picture. It appears that he’s either trying to dance to some imaginary beat or run away from this crazy photo. Either way, this cat is definitely our new spirit animal!

What’s Going on Behind the Camera?

We really want to know what’s going on with the photographer behind the camera. It looks like they said something incredibly disturbing that bothered everyone except for the blonde sister, who looks like nothing fazes her. Also, what’s with the weird hand placements? There’s no way that’s how these siblings naturally stand together.

Image: Facebook / Milison Allen

Another theory is that the photographer didn’t do anything and the blonde sister is actually responsible for this awkward family photo. Her smile is basically the personification of a dad joke: proud of how everyone else is cringing. The other siblings definitely look like they’ve heard a dad joke: horrified. No matter what happened here, it made for a hilarious photo that these siblings will definitely have to recreate as adults!