When things aren’t going right in our lives, the tendency is to look elsewhere to find the problem. But what if the problem is you? What if you’re the toxic person in your own life? Fortunately, if this is the case, all is not lost. Once you know the cause, you can get to making some changes. Here are five signs you’ve become a toxic person.

You’re Not Very Thankful

It can be difficult to feel gratitude when times are tough. But it’s a pretty big downer when you constantly overlook the positive things in your life. Realizing this and taking the time to appreciate the little things will help to change your attitude. Also, remembering to verbalize a “thank you” when others help you out, even in a small way, can get you out of that toxic hole.

You’re Always Angry

There is a popular expression that goes like this: “Anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.” When you let anger take control of your life, the real person you’re hurting is yourself. People who are not toxic can easily feel that angry vibe and often try to steer clear of it. No one likes having to tip-toe around a person for fear of setting them off with any little thing.

Your Jealousy Consumes You

Feeling a hint of jealousy when good fortune strikes your loved ones is natural. What isn’t natural is when your negative feelings overshadow your positive ones when something good happens to someone else. The person that feels a dark cloud of envy instead of wanting what is best for the people they love is not the person you want to be.

You’re A Frequent Trash-Talker

There is a difference between venting and trash-talking. Venting is letting off steam after a disagreement. Trash-talking comes from a spirit of meanness and creates a lot of negative, toxic energy. If you’re always talking trash, how can a person assume you’re not doing it behind their back too? It’s better to speak directly to people who have hurt you rather than gossiping. That way, you might even solve the issue.

You’re Unable To Let Things Go

Grudge-holding is a negative and toxic behavior that can eat you alive and cause others to keep their distance from you. Forgiveness is healthy because it is freeing. It means no longer have to feel stressed about the situation, and you allow yourself to heal. While it isn’t always easy to forgive, you’ll be much better off when you do.