Asian Massage

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With the help of mainstream media, many of us have developed an obsession with looking young—far past our prime. Although genetics have something to do with our youthfulness, there are certain steps you can take to keep your skin smooth and beautiful.

Skin Repair Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Staying forever young can seem like a full-time job. The beauty market is saturated with a ton of expensive creams and lotions, leaving many of us scratching our heads.

What really, truly works?

Repairing your skin and keeping a youthful glow has a lot to do with maintaining proper blood circulation.

This can be achieved by massage, and you don’t have to visit a fancy parlor to get yourself looking your best. You have the right tools at home, right in one of your kitchen drawers.

Silverware Can Be A Skin-Saver

The Asian practice of a spoon massage can improve the elasticity of your skin, and even reverse signs of aging in as little as two weeks.

All you need is a metal spoon from your kitchen, hot and cold water, and your favorite face cream (if desired.)

It’s All About The Technique

You can use a few different techniques to target different parts of your face.

You can eliminate puffiness under your eyes by taking a cold spoon and rubbing the rounded part under your eyes in a back and forth motion. Do this for one or two minutes every day to see results.

You can get rid of dreaded crow’s feet by taking two cold spoons and placing the rounded side on the outer corners of your eyes. Move the spoons in a circular motion out towards your temples, and repeat this process with warm spoons. Spoons can even help erase a double chin! Just take two warm spoons and massaging the area under your chin, making your way up to your ears. Repeat this process ten times daily.

A spoon massage may sound silly, but there is nothing funny about the results you can see after trying these exercises!