Megan Rapinoe

Getty/Ira L. Black

Megan Rapinoe is doing more these days than dominating World Cup soccer games. She and three other United States soccer players have co-founded an exciting new lifestyle brand but the big names (Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath, Christen Press, and Meghan Klingenberg) behind the line aren’t the only reasons to get interested in it. In fact, their names won’t really be a part of it at all.

Who is Megan Rapinoe?

Megan Rapinoe is a powerful force on and off the soccer field. Not only did she emerge from the 2019 Women’s World Cup as the Golden Boot winner and the Golden Ball winner but she has also been fighting for equal rights and inclusivity all along the way. From heated arguments with politicians and clear statements about her beliefs to her unwavering support for herself and her teammates, Rapinoe has ushered in a new generation of sports-based inspiration.

While using sports to make a statement is nothing new (look at the 1972 or 1980 Olympics or even to the US women’s soccer team in the 1990s), Rapinoe and her team are taking it to the next level. With the help of social media and their new lifestyle brand, they are taking their influence to the next level to support their inclusivity-based beliefs and inspire a whole new generation of minds, young and old alike.

What was the inspiration for Re-inc?

Re-inc is a lifestyle brand founded by soccer players who want to promote an inclusive style in all arenas, not just on the soccer field. The company, created in summer 2019, is currently led by all four founders instead of by one CEO, but that’s not the only way they plan to be different. With the creation of Re-inc, these four stars are taking a bold step towards worldwide inclusivity, but this certainly isn’t the first time these four women have been at the forefront of such a fight. Rapinoe, Press, Heath, and Klingenberg have all been at the center of a recent debate over fair pay for women: The US women’s soccer team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against US soccer based on the extreme pay gap between players on the women’s team and on the men’s team. Re-inc is one more step forward in this battle towards equality.

What makes Re-inc different from other lifestyle brands?

The four co-founders of Re-inc have their minds focused on not only providing quality products but also on encouraging inclusivity for all. The philosophy of the new company focuses on creativity, breaking out of the mold, and fighting to be true to one’s own self in a world that doesn’t always accept individuality. The four leading ladies of Re-inc have certainly had plenty of experience facing down society’s negativity, especially on the soccer field, and they are looking to take their passion for inclusion on the road with their gender-neutral clothing line. They plan to pair with primarily female and minority business vendors as they grow their business and expect to announce major venture-capital investments soon.

Not only is the main idea of Re-inc different from other athlete-led product lines (for example, none of the founders’ names appear anywhere on their products), but its philosophy and inclusive style is embedded in their clothing. So far, Re-inc is selling two gender-neutral t-shirts, referred to cleverly as re-tees. The shirts reference the brand by using the backward-facing “e” featured in the logo, but no names (of founders or of the brand itself) are referenced. Currently, Re-inc is focused on producing clothing (all gender-neutral), but in the future, the founders hope to expand the company to include wellness products and even technology.