Have you ever wanted to try on the perfect shade of lipstick from the comfort of your home? While this may sound impossible, new advancements in augmented reality have made the ability to test out beauty products without leaving your couch a reality. L’Oréal and Amazon have paired together to produce a unique new tool to help individuals make informed decisions about the makeup that they are ordering.

The struggles of online beauty shopping

As the world of Internet shopping grows more prominent, consumers are facing a unique new problem: deciding what products to buy. This seems to be especially true of makeup. Any search for lipstick pulls up thousands of companies, brands, colors, styles, and products to choose from, and for many people, deciding which one to order can be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to try on the color before you committed to purchasing it? Now, you can. Back in 2018, L’Oréal acquired control of Modiface, a company which developed augmented reality (A.R.) to help consumers pick out beauty products by virtually trying them on. L’Oréal kicked off their ownership of this neat technological software by creating Garnier’s Virtual Shade Selector, which allowed consumers to test out hair coloring products before dying their hair a color that they would dislike. While many people enjoyed this hairstyle A.R. immensely, the beauty company didn’t want to simply stop at hair. Developers got to work producing A.R. that could help consumers pick out makeup products with ease, including one essential accessory: lipstick.

A fascinating fix: augmented reality and lipstick

Pairing up with Amazon, L’Oréal has introduced a unique new feature to Amazon’s lipstick product pages. When you click on lipstick on Amazon, you can now select the words “Try now” beneath the image of the product. When you do, Amazon allows you to snap or upload a photo of yourself, and Modiface automatically adds your chosen shade to your lips. If you don’t have any flattering photos or aren’t up to taking one, you can try out the product on a model with a skin tone that is close to your own. Using this marvel in beauty software, you can try on dozens of shades of lipstick without having to leave your home, ensuring that you order a color you’ll actually want to wear out of the house. For L’Oréal, using Modiface to help consumers choose their next lipstick color is only the start. They are hoping to add more beauty products to Modiface in the future, with their next goal being eyeshadow, and, if they’re able to accomplish it, foundation. Not only did L’Oréal manage to establish its digital presence in the beauty world through Modiface; pairing with Amazon helped to promote a new wave of beauty-product shopping on the largest shopping hub on the Internet.

Amping up Amazon’s beauty sales

Although other companies have also successfully tested out A.R. beauty software before, bringing the technology to Amazon is certain to make the utilization of the unique software by makeup consumers even more frequent. The use of A.R. has already resulted in a monumental difference in the amount of time which individuals spend shopping online, which nearly doubles from the normal amount when the ability to use A.R. is introduced. Additionally, pairing up with L’Oréal’s neat technology will provide Amazon the chance to sell even more makeup than usual, establishing themselves as a makeup hub online. They’ll be competing with companies like Sephora and Ulta Beauty, who hold high standings in the $56 billion dollar industry. Fortunately, the introduction of L’Oréal Modiface has seemed to already begin to boost Amazon’s makeup sales, or, at the very least, peak individual’s interest in beauty products on Amazon. By providing consumers with the ability to make informed decisions about the beauty products they are ordering, Modiface is altering the lives of consumers searching for their perfect shade.