With January arriving, winter will be in full effect. If you’re a travel fanatic, this is the perfect month to get away. With many cheap flights available, your search might be a bit overwhelming with all the choices. Here are five places that are simply perfect for your first getaway of the year.

Walking On The Sun

Cape Verde can almost be described as Africa’s version of Miami. The sun keeps shining all year round, and the temperature doesn’t go below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from soaking up the sun, Cape Verde has a plethora of activities at hand. Whether you’re watching a soccer game or enjoying local music, you’ll engage with amazing individuals.

A Prosperous Gathering

Every January, Osaka, Japan holds the popular Toka Ebisu Festival. This three day event promises good fortune for the year to all attendees. When you’re done with the festival, Osaka has plenty more in store for your enjoyment. From its food to its museums, Osaka will almost feel like a home away from home.

A Whale Of A Time

Based in Mexico, La Paz is one of the country’s most glamorous cities. Something they’re most proud of involves its whales. Every winter, hundreds of whale enthusiasts watch these creatures migrate to the area for mating. La Paz also has their own massive museum created to conserve information on whales.

Down The Slopes

If you’re in the mood to ski, Lebanon is the place for you. While people might raise eyebrows at this location, Lebanon has a rich skiing history. Since 1948, several skiers from the region have competed in the Winter Olympic Games. Lebanon hosts a handful of resorts, including its oldest one named Cedars Ski Resort.

Join The Congregation

India is a prime place to catch one of the biggest religious festivals out there today. Kumbh Mela has different start times each year. It will return in January in Allahabad near the Ganga and Yamuna rivers. With over 100 million attendees, the Kumbh Mela teaches good faith and compassion. Non-Hindus are allowed to attend as well.