Clothes Hangers

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Plastic and wire hangers are cheap, so it makes sense that they have few to no frills. Yet, where there’s a will, there’s a way. These flimsy clothes hangers can be altered or repurposed in incredible ways that will make them much more useful than when you bought them.

Hang Your Paper Towels

We buy plastic hangers because they’re cheap, but the downside is that they are also prone to snapping. The good news is that a plastic hanger that has snapped down the center can be used to hang paper towel rolls from your cabinet or grill. How’s that for repurposing?

Get Organized

Storing belts, scarves, and ties can be a real pain. Often they end up piled on a chair for lack of proper storage options. With an old hanger and a handful of shower curtain rings, you have yourself your very own highly effective belt, scarf, and tie storage solution, just like that.

Use It As A Cook Book Hanger

When you’re cooking, you get dirty. The last thing you want to do is put your grimy hands all over your cookbook. A cheap plastic hanger with clips provides the perfect solution to that problem. You can hang the cookbook from a cabinet with the clips, open to your desired page.

Make Sure Your Clothes Stay Put

Most cheap hangers are the no-frills kind, so it’s not uncommon for your clothes to slip right off. However, there is a solution. Take a hot glue gun and dot or zigzag a squiggly line across either side. Allow the glue to completely dry, and your non-slip hanger is ready for use.

Utilize Your Closet Space Wisely

If you find yourself running low on closet space, you may not have to run out and buy fancy layered hangers after all. Take the plastic hangers you already have and attach them together with soda can tabs. Now you have your own space-saving layered hanger without having to buy anything new.