Every single year, millions of people travel to their grand destination of choice via airplane. While the crew looks happy on board, they may seem a bit off at times. There are a few things they try to hide from you, and fortunately, we’re here to share these tidbits, as well as some not-so-well-known facts about air travel.

Grabbing A Quick Bite

Depending on your personal experience, airplane food can either be scrumptious or terrifying. Fortunately, pilots are legally not allowed to eat the same food given to passengers. This is done to prevent any possible food poisoning while maneuvering the plane. They have their own meals to eat before taking off.

Thunder In My Heart

Taking a flight during a thunderstorm can be a terrifying feeling. What you might not know is planes get struck by lightning on a constant basis. Fortunately, they’re equipped to take the punishment while in the air. Manufacturers had to strengthen their aircrafts following a Pan American Boeing 707 getting struck by lightning in 1962.

Not Enough Seats

Overbooking flights is one of the most common (and annoying) things about flying. The truth is that companies intentionally overbook in order to fill up their airplanes. Unfortunately, customers can’t try to fight the system if they get tossed from a flight. Before giving them the heave-ho, companies will offer cash or vouchers for people to give up their seat.

Catching Some Zzz’s

Some flights take a good several hours in the sky. During that time, your pilot might take a nap or two. Due to autopilot, they don’t really have much hands on time with steering. While it may seem shocking, this is a usual thing in that line of work.

Behind The Mask

Oxygen masks are very important if the plane reaches high altitudes. Unfortunately, these masks don’t last throughout the entire flight. On average, an oxygen mask will last around 15 to 20 minutes for one use. If the flight hits a delay after that time period, you might be in trouble.