Market Manners

Leslie Wagner had a depressing experience when she went to the grocery store. After she retrieved everything she’d need and stood in line, the final total was more than she could afford. There are few things more embarrassing than wasting the cashier’s time, not to mention everyone else who was waiting in line behind her.

Random Acts of Kindness That Prove People Still Care
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Wagner started hurriedly removing some of the items, apologizing the whole time for making people wait. However, before she could get very far, a stranger handed her a $20. When asked for an explanation, he told her that he’d been bringing his hospitalized mother flowers and she’d wanted him to spend the money on someone else for a change.

Pedal to the Metal

Clarence Stephens found himself in a real bind when he discovered that he’d accidentally locked himself out of his car. Despairing of the situation, it wasn’t long before a cycling angel happened to pass by and noticed Stephens’ plight. He explained that even with a cell phone, Mrs. Stephens couldn’t deliver the key since this was their only car.

Random Acts of Kindness That Prove People Still Care
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Instead of leaving him to his fate, the cyclist offered to let Stephens not only use his cell phone to call his wife, but also promised to ride out to their house, pick up the spare key, and return it to Stephens. It turned out to be a seven mile round trip, but the cyclist was happy to do him the favor.

From the Mouth of Babes

Molly McGinley decided to spend the money she received for her ninth birthday on the homeless people she’d witnessed living around her neighborhood. She’d previously seen charity workers tirelessly working to provide basic necessities and food to people who were sleeping rough and wanted to help out.

Beautiful little girl helping homeless men by giving him a coins
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Molly spent her money on food like warm soup to help keep people warm during the chilly nights and she went with her mother to hand it out to anyone that she saw in need. Homelessness is something that anyone can go through and Molly wanted to do whatever she could to ease that suffering.

Legendary Visits

Although hospitals have strict visiting hours and rules for patients, especially children, some caped crusaders decided to add something to their lives in 2016. The Children’s Hospital Colorado witnessed a rare treat when people dressed as famous superheroes including Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man showed up.



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They descended down the side of the building by rappelling down. It turned out that they were none other than the police department who wanted to give the sick kids something fun to tell their friends about when they got better.

A Social Experiment Gone Right

Riceman, a well-known YouTuber, performed a social experiment where he pretended that his brother had gone missing to see how random people would react. In a heartwarming example of human kindness, a homeless man abruptly abandoned his sign asking for money and spent his time holding up the sign that Riceman had designed for the experiment.

Riceman Youtuber Random acts of kindness
Riceman via YouTube

Riceman was blown away by how kind the man was, especially considering how little he could spare. Filled with gratitude, Riceman gave him more than enough money to make up for the time the man spent holding up the sign, as well as a hug for the man’s endless generosity.

Last Wish for Kindness

When Aaron Collins passed away just after his thirtieth birthday, many people mourned his loss. His brother Seth, however, knew that he had to carry out Aaron’s final wish: to tip a waitress $500 for no other reason than because he wanted to give someone something wonderful since he wouldn’t be needing the money anymore.

Random Acts of Kindness That Prove People Still Care
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After the video of the act was posted, over a million people have seen it and started their own quests to spread generosity, proving that human decency can go viral too.

Real Life Care Bear

Kelly McGuire headed out from watching a Chicago Bears game laden with winter clothing and boots when she saw a homeless woman sitting outside, holding a sign asking for clothes to keep warm. McGuire quickly went over and gave her plenty of warm clothing, including her winter boots that she was prepared to sacrifice for the other woman’s well-being.

Kelly McGuire Random acts of kindess

With nothing else to offer in return, the homeless woman gave McGuire her previous boots. They may have been worn through and covered in dirt, but they were still shoes and McGuire was touched by the gesture.

Rehomed for Good

In California, authorities were forced to take nearly 80 bulldogs from a breeder. At the time, the puppies were forlorn and alone, but not for long. After publicizing the event, thousands of people came forward, offering to adopt the homeless dogs and keep them out of already crowded animal shelters.

The dogs sure came a long way. After being badly mistreated by their previous owner, they were all wagging their tails when they were adopted by a few lucky families who could give them the wonderful home that man’s best friend truly deserves.

Being a Good Sport

Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin, from New Zealand, both made the news in spectacular fashion during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Hamblin fell at one point during a heat and accidentally brought her competitor tumbling down with her. Instead of getting angry or competitive, D’Agostino helped Hamblin get up.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 16:  Abbey D'Agostino of the United States (R) is assisted by Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand after a collision during the Women's 5000m Round 1 - Heat 2 on Day 11 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium on August 16, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Later on, when Hamblin continued to struggle on her injured leg, D’Agostino continued to help her finish the race so that they could cross the finish line side by side.

Look to the Books

Denver’s Central Library opened its doors to their homeless population in more ways than one beginning in 2017. By allowing people to come in a warm building with their belongings, they give them a place to rest, look for jobs online, and get help with some of the issues they are dealing with.

Denver Central Library
Everbruin via Wikimedia Commons

Community resource specialists have been hired to help people find housing, substance abuse resources, and treatment for mental health issues. Instead of simply giving them a roof, the libraries can offer real options for people to help them out of their homelessness.

Roadside Help in Ireland

Becky Corbin, an Irish resident was driving near the ring of Kerry road where her car suddenly broke down. Initially, she was very scared because she couldn’t find a nearby mechanic or auto repair shop. To make matters worse, she had her young son accompanying her and there was no friend or relative who lived nearby.

Strangers help Becky Corbin when her car breaks down in Ireland, Random acts of kindaness
Richard Webb via Creative Commons

Fortunately, a group of strangers came to Becky’s rescue and helped tow her car. The group even took Becky’s son to the supermarket where the owner gave him a free toy, proving that random acts of kindness can come from anywhere.

Angel in Disguise

A single father’s first wife left him when his son was just an infant, leaving the two all by themselves. Needless to say, it was an incredibly tough predicament for them. One day, the father was having a dinner with his friends and remembered that he had to change the son’s diaper. However, the men’s room did not have a table.

Koala Kare Baby Diaper Changing station fold out table.
Mike Mozart via Creative Commons

So, he asked a woman nearby if he could use the ladies’ room to change his son. She said yes, and as the dad was sorting the diaper bag, the woman came back and offered to help him out. It was something that the dad remembered forever, as it’s only something an angel could’ve done.

The Miracle Hug

After the tragic death of a close friend., a 14 year-old-high school student fell into a depression. She was so deep in the throws that she was not able to handle the mundane, day-to-day task of life. Months after the death, she was walking around in her school’s yard, crying uncontrollably. All of a sudden, a colleague came to her and gave her a big hug.

stranger gives someone a hug they really needed, random acts of kindness
RICHARD BOUHET / Stringer via Getty Images

She first made eye contact, and then hugged her tight without skipping a single beat. The girl sobbed for minutes in the kind stranger’s embrace before the tears subsided. She later said that hug was a major reason why she got her smile and will to live back, showing that sometimes a hug can indeed be miraculous.

Last-Minute Save

Two young girls were on their way to Wal-Mart for a quick shopping trip, when all of a sudden, a disheveled man approached them This was no ordinary stranger encounter – the man was scary, pushy, and very persistent. He demanded the girls’ money. Scared, the girl’s thoroughly searched their purses. To their relief, someone intervened. A man saw the incident and created a diversion by telling the girls they are “going to be late.”

random acts of kindness, man intervenes when two girls get mugged
ullstein bild / Contributor via Getty Images

The girls immediately ran toward the good samaritan, grateful he had been their in that moment. Moments like these show that deep down inside, most people actually care.

Here Comes the Money!

A ten-year-old boy had multiple arm fractures. It was likely that he even after his arm healed it self as much as possible, he would still have problems with it. As you may know, arm surgeries are pricey – a big financial hit for many people if they can even afford it at all. Financial loss aside, fractures can be emotionally draining as well, especially for people who have their entire life ahead of them.

woman gives boy $5 after hearing boy cream because he broke his arm again
Michael Coghlan via Creative Commons

When the boy re broke his arm, a woman who was passing by, heard him scream. She immediately rushed towards him to see what was wrong. After learning about his predicament, gave him five dollars, telling him that everything would be okay. This simple act of kindness cheered the boy up right away and helped him get through the pain.

5-Star Uber Driver

Uber drivers often get a bad rep because of the poor behaviors of a handful of other Uber drivers. However, the driver we are going to talk about was an angel sent by God. This driver was an elder female who picked someone up from Walmart.

random acts of kindess, elderly uber driver waits for passanger to make sure he gets home alright
Manfred Rutz / Contributor via Getty Images

The passenger had some car repair tools and battery with him, which he bought to repair his car. Once the Uber driver dropped this passenger off at his destination, and she stuck around until his car was fixed. Very few drivers extend courtesies like this, and hopefully, this one got a five-star and a tremendous review.

Say ‘Cheese!’

A couple was dining in at a romantic restaurant. They were having a great time and things were about to get even better: The man proposed on the fly. He only planned to propose the girl of his dreams and didn’t even think about taking a picture.

man proposes to woman in resturant and waiter captures it on camera
u/MetalW0lf via Reddit

Fortunately, the waiter working there had his camera ready and took a picture as soon as the girl said ‘yes.’ The act added joy to the couples life by capturing one of their best moments together.

Thank you, Stranger!

A passenger was carrying heavy grocery bags on the bus. It had been a rough day, and he was having a hard time Holland this tears back Another passenger on the bus and took notice. He offered to help carry the groceries to literally lighten the load.

Random actrs of Kindness: Man helps another man carry his groceries all the way home after noticing he was having a rough day
MARCO BERTORELLO / Contributor via Getty Images

He even got off at a different stop so he could help the down-on-his-luck passenger carry the groceries right up to his. home. The act was small, but it meant a lot to someone who was already having a rough day.

Thank you for your excellent service

In 2015, a waitress went to her shift at Bourbon House in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wearing a jersey of her favorite team, she waited on a table of fellow football fans with the friendly and attentive service she served all her tables.

After an afternoon of drinks and food, the group had run up a $505.00 tab.

random acts of kindess, waitress bre snow receives a $3000 tip
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When the waitress came back around to pick up the signed transaction receipt, she was shocked to see the group had left her a $3000 tip!

“I really am grateful,” she told CNN, teary eyed. “A random act of kindness – there’s nothing that hits more home.”


The gift of walking

In 2017, 2-year-old Emily Andersen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. An unfortunate symptom of this condition is that the brains ability to control the legs is compromised.

All the options were extremely expensive. The operation that would give the girl the ability to walk was a whooping $100,000 dollars.

In 2020, her parents set up a GoFundMe page in hopes that they could get some assistance in the medical expenses.

Less than 24 hours later, an anonymous donor offered to fully cover the operation in full.

random acts of kindess, anonymous donor offers to may for $100,000 operation for 4-year-old Emily Anderson who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy so she can walk.
Mercury Press

Not only that, the donor insisted on funding a trip to Disneyland to celebrate the now-4-year-old’s recovery from the operation.

They followed through with their pledges, though the family doesn’t not know the identity of their generous benefactor to this day.

But you don’t have to have an extra $100,000 to make someone’s day. Sometimes all people need is for someone to notice them and show they care.