personal hygiene

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When it comes to personal hygiene, not all mistakes are as obvious as neglectful bathing habits. Here you’ll find a list of things that may be a part of your daily routine, along with the reasons why you should rethink them. Most of these seem harmless—you may have even been taught that some of these bad habits were healthy for you. Think again.

Going Sockless

As unstylish as it may feel to wear socks with certain shoe styles, socks do indeed have their benefits. Not only are developing blisters a danger, but your feet and ankles sweat more than you think. During a typical day, your feet can produce half a pint of sweat, which may lead to fungal infections without socks to help absorb moisture.

Treating Green Beauty Products Like Regular Cosmetics

Green or natural beauty products can be a healthy choice but only if they are used correctly. Just like organic food, makeup without preservatives has a much shorter shelf life. Make sure you seal such products well when not in use and try to keep them away from heat as much as possible.

Cleaning Out Ear Wax With Q-Tips

As a general rule, you should shy away from sticking anything into your ears. Even something soft like Q-tips can damage your inner ear and result in hearing problems. Rest assured that ear wax is not always a bad thing, as it helps keep unwanted debris from sneaking into your ear canal.

Using Alcohol-Based Mouthwash

Though it may lead to better breath, if your regular mouthwash contains alcohol, it may also be drying your mouth out. This can consequently make it easier for bad bacteria to grow. Instead, try switching to an alcohol-free brand which will both freshen your breath and stimulate saliva production.

Keeping Your Kids Spotless

While keeping your children as clean as possible may seem like good parenting, a recent study suggests the opposite. It found that children raised in overly hygienic environments developed a higher risk of eczema and asthma. Letting your kids play in the dirt every now and then is actually a healthy move, as it helps strengthen their immune systems.