Little Girl Blue

It might be a little embarrassing the first time you color your hair at home on your own. Even if you obey every last guideline in there, stuff may still go wrong, and this was a noteworthy first time for this girl.

Blue skinned beauty

She achieved color in not just her tresses, but also her body and the whole shower when she chose to change her hair blue on her own.

Rollback Prices

Dying our hair blonde just once may be a remarkable experience for those of us who weren’t born with naturally light locks. This guy, however, was not so fortunate, as something terrible happened during the process.

Walmart hair

She succeeded in coloring her hair a weird shade of yellow and get an impression of the Walmart emblem on the top of her head by using a Walmart bag to “keep the heat in.” Yikes!

The Color of Allergies

It’s critical to know whether or not you’re allergic to the brand of hair dye you’re planning to use before you color your hair at home. Consider this individual.

Hair dye allergies

Unfortunately, he was unaware that some of the chemicals in the box were potentially harmful to him, and he ended up having the worst allergic response imaginable.

Just Do Your Eyebrows!

This is very remarkable! Imagine being so devoted to a brand that you choose to flaunt it via your brows. This girl appears to either be a Nike fan or a fan of the company’s emblem.

Nike eyebrows

So she went ahead and created a form that looked like the logo, adding a unique touch with the sleek “Nike” accent on her right brow.

Expect the Unexpected

This person, on the other hand, selected an amusing manner of coping with the fact that things didn’t go as planned. When she began her hair journey, the woman had no intention of dying her hair orange, but hey, errors occur.

Totally orange hair

What’s even funny is that she opted to dress in something that looked just like the bag of oranges she had at home.

One Glove Wonder

Isn’t it the worst when you follow all the rules but things still go wrong? This girl did, in fact, wear protective gloves, as advised by the directions.

Hair dye gone wrong

However, she totally overlooked the fact that one of her gloves was missing a finger. Fortunately, unlike some of the other unfortunate people on this list, she didn’t get any color on the rest of her skin.

The Joys of Kids

Having a child is an adventure, and parents can attest to the fact that living with a child is never mundane. But, in the case of this child, we hope that they at least learned a useful lesson as a result of this disaster.

Blue bathtub

They went ahead and painted the entire bathroom and themselves brilliant blue while their folks were sleeping. You’re going to have a hard time cleaning it up!

No Good Allergies

This is another reason to be sure you’re not allergic to hair color before applying it. Unfortunately, this girl did not have the opportunity to do so, and as a result, she learned the hard way and had to go to the hospital to be treated.

Hair dye allergies

However, based on this photo, it appears like she is handling it admirably, so kudos to her!

You Can Do Whatever You Like

Sometimes you simply have to do whatever you want, regardless of what others say. We’re all for it because this girl appears to be having a good time!

Bracket eyebrows

While we think she looks great with her brows, we really have to mention that they are a little unique. The square brackets appear to be the style she chose here, and we’re quite sure it won’t last long.

Thanks, Dad!

This girl’s father, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. He reportedly advised that she clean her hair in the shower soon after she colored her hair. What none of them realized was that this was bad counsel.

Gee thanks, Dad!

The dye had gone everywhere by the time she completed the shower, and to make things worse, her father decided to document the entire incident on social media.

Ramen Hair!

This individual was gracious enough to share someone else’s story for the sake of “education.” According to the internet user, her hair was colored at home, and she immediately used a relaxer to tame the frizz.

Ramen hair

Regrettably, the chemicals didn’t mix properly, and she started losing large pieces of her hair, and there was no way to save the predicament.

Blue in the Face

There were a few bad events that occurred in this man’s life. Initially, when he chose to color his hair at home, matters didn’t go so well.
However, things took a turn for the worst when he attempted to remove the color off his forehead and smudged it.

Blue in the face

The fact that the next day was his first day back in the office, ouch, was maybe the worst aspect of it all.

She’s Bushed

It’s a truth that some people have more hair than others. While some people choose to wax, pluck, and shave as much as possible, others accept their hairiness and rock it like this individual.

Bushy eyebrows

She opted to bring the bushy brow style back into fashion, and she even spiced it up by sweeping them upwards. She merits a pat on the back for her efforts!

Allergies Again

Already, it’s safe to assume that a sizable percentage of the population is allergic to hair color. Regrettably, it appears that they only discover out after the damage has been done.

Hair dye allergies

Like this person’s mother, who surprised everyone when the hair color began to affect her body. Her face had a significant allergic response in a matter of minutes!

And Again

Okay, not to worry anyone, but check the chemical list the next time you consider dying your hair at home. This person’s buddy plainly had no idea that hair coloring was bad for her body, yet she went ahead and did it anyway.

More hair dye allergies

Her body began to have an allergic response as soon as she colored her hair, which appeared to be rather unpleasant.

Purple Rain

This girl decided it was time for a makeover after making arrangements with her pals. So she went out and purchased some purple hair color and was all set to go.

Purple rain

But, based on the appearance of this photo and the text she attached to it, something went horribly wrong somewhere along the line. She got purple dye all over her face, hands, and even the mirror, either because she didn’t follow the directions or because they were quite vague.

Unfortunate Allergies

If you’re not sure if you’re allergic to some or all of the components in your hair color, the best thing to do is give it a try. The directions were fairly clear when it came to checking the dye before applying it all over her hair, as one unlucky DIY dyer described.

Hair dye allergies

She claims she should have done it first before deciding to go for it on her head and face. At the very least, she now understands not to hurry into it the next time.

When Hair Dye Attacks

The problem is that hair color is incredibly potent, which is why it remains in your hair for such a long time before washing out. As a result, if the dye comes into contact with another area of the body or an object nearby, it may linger for a long time.

Hair dye explosion

They couldn’t understand when this person’s hair color package unexpectedly exploded. The whole bathroom looked like something out of a horror film, and cleaning it must have been a nightmare.

Tiny Brows

Hair failures can occur not just in our hair, but also in our eyebrows, beards, and mustaches, as well as everything else that includes hair.

Very thin eyebrows

At the Jeremy Kyle Show, this woman was discovered with the thinnest brows you’ve ever seen. While the thin brow style was fashionable in the past, it is no longer so.

Pillow Talk

Another key thing to remember for individuals who wish to color their hair themselves is this. Hugging with your spouse is unfortunately one of the things you shouldn’t do soon after you color your hair.

Snuggle & Dye

Clearly, this person snuggled with her spouse shortly after dying her hair, and the remnants lingered on his arm for a long. All we want to know is that the cuddling session was enjoyable!

Dresser Fails

Hair color failures aren’t limited to those who color their hair themselves. As we can see from this girl’s situation, it’s critical to pick an experienced and educated hairdresser when dyeing your hair.

Salon Fails

Things moved from bad to worse very rapidly, as she illustrates in the image sequence, and she couldn’t do anything about it. At the very least, the ultimate product appears to be repairable.

Must Love Mom

So, this mother and daughter combo reportedly had a minor issue that turned out to be a lot of fun for the little girl. Because pink is her favorite hue, the little girl couldn’t be concerned when a defective bottle of hair color colored practically her full body.

Pretty in pink

Her mother tried her hardest to get the item off her body, but as we all know, it wasn’t simple. Luckily, the small girl handled the situation admirably.

Allergies Once More

Despite the fact that things didn’t go well for this person, he was eager enough to keep track of his progress while he went through one of the worst allergic responses he’d ever had.

Allergies gone wild

The man was only attempting to make a small adjustment, but he didn’t know he was allergic until it was too late. He was gracious enough to share his photos with his siblings, and perhaps he took those antihistamines as soon as possible.

Celebrity Fail

As they say, celebrities are people too! This TV personality from Yakutsk, the capital of Russia’s Sakha Republic, was seen pushing the strangest eyebrow fad we’ve ever seen. The block eyebrows distinguished from other brow trends, allowing her to draw a lot of attention to herself.

Huge black eyebrows

Although we doubt that the excessively thick brow trend will last, she deserves an A for her inventiveness and for attempting something new.

Flipping the Blue Bird

Here’s another poor person who carefully followed all directions just to discover afterward that there had been a little stumbling block. While she did put on gloves as directed in the directions, she was unaware that they had a minor flaw.

Swearing a blue streak

Her whole middle finger turned blue because one of the glove fingers was fractured. Hopefully, the undesired color didn’t stay on for too long and she was able to get rid of it.

Angry Eyebrows

To be honest, most people wouldn’t be able to determine if this girl’s brows are inherently emotive or whether she created them that way on purpose.

Angry eyebrows

Who knows, some people may merely be born with elevated arches in their brows. While her posture in this photo didn’t assist her case, she seemed to be pleased with the outcome, and that’s all that counts!

Friends Shouldn’t Let Friends Dye

Now here’s a helpful pal who plainly regrets letting her own buddy experiment on her hair. Her friend had always aspired to be a hairdresser, so she felt it would be a smart option to let her practice on her hair.

Beauty school dropout

She should have definitely let her buddy go to beauty school first, then volunteered her hair for some creative coloring, as it ends.

Eye Colors

We’re not sure how she did it, but she dyed everything save her hair. Because of her inherent dark brown hue, the dye may not be as bold in her hair, but how unfortunate do you have to be to obtain this outcome?

Strange eye colors

Her fingers are understandably blue, but what about her corneas? How could the color have gotten into her eyes?

Not in Front of the Laptop!

Another lesson: before dying your hair, double-check your environment. Electronics, in particular, are something you should avoid having around before beginning the DIY process.

Laptop splattered in hair dye

This individual most likely believed that nothing would befall their laptop, but they were mistaken. Little drips of color have now covered the laptop, as shown in this photo, although we have to agree it looks really cool.

Wrong Color

This is just another individual who had no idea what they were entering into. She was not pleased with the outcome! She allegedly purchased a box of brown color, but when she started the process at home, she discovered that the hair dye was everything but brown.

The wrong hair color

She was so angry that she swore to sue the manufacturer of the device. We wish her luck in court!

Mind the Gap

This girl clearly enjoys tinkering with her tresses. Her hairdo is rather stylish, and her hair color is quite unusual. She appears to be experimenting with her eyebrows as well as her hair.

A gap in the eyebrows

The ultimate effect was undoubtedly intriguing, as she was left with extremely high brows and a large gap in the center that is difficult to overlook. We can’t say she isn’t embracing the style, though.

When Allergies Strike

An allergic response to hair dye appears to be an unpleasant and regular occurrence. While we appreciate people documenting their hardships in order to raise awareness about the issue, we can’t help but feel sorry for them.

Hair dye allergies

The good news is that, while the responses appear to be severe, they may be quickly remedied with the appropriate therapy.

Walmart Once Again

Clearly, coloring your hair with a Walmart plastic bag or any printed baggie is a poor idea. Many individuals seem to believe that squeezing the dye in their hair with a plastic bag would hold the heat in throughout the bleaching process.

Walmart imprint

However, if it is really necessary, it may be preferable to simply get a suitable shower cap to avoid such mishaps.

Wig Maintenance

Wigs are popular among many people, but while some believe that keeping one is simple, this guy demonstrates how difficult the technique can be.

Wig recolor

Wigs, like natural hair, necessitate treatments, cleaning, and brushing. When this individual colored their wig pink, they couldn’t help but see that the results were a touch too sloppy.


While some individuals have untidy hair coloring processes and others have adverse responses to it, some, like this guy, have developed a tolerance to it. He requested his buddy to assist him in dying his hair blue with zeal.

Where did the dye go?

They followed all of the directions and waited the required amount of time, but after he rinsed it off, it was as if nothing had occurred.

I Don’t

While some people color their hair alone, others enlist the aid of friends, lovers, or anybody else who is willing to get the dye in there securely. Regrettably, her husband failed to read the entire message on how to color someone else’s hair.

Next time, try a salon

What’s the end result? Her whole forehead, as well as sections of her face, had been colored.

Texture Check

To be perfectly honest, whatever color this person’s hair is, it looks fantastic! However, they were dissatisfied, and we understood why. They went to the shop and purchased some blonde dye, but their hair was certainly not blonde once the process was completed.

Not blonde, unfortunately

So, in order to warn others, they shared a photo of the tragedy online, along with some advice for those with black hair.

To Dye For

We’re getting all sorts of essential dying advice, and one of the greatest no-nos appears to be washing our hair in the shower after coloring.

Gone blue

It’s simply preferable to keep the color on the hair and away from the rest of the body for as long as feasible. We’re thinking that wiping up all of that color isn’t the worst thing in the world because people seem to take it in a good light.

Feel the Burn

When this gentleman posted his hair disaster on social media, he made sure that everyone know that he had colored his hair many times before. This time, though, he found a different brand that was considerably more powerful than the others.

A bad dye job

We like his cool demeanor in the face of the fact that half of his hair had been burnt off!

Glove Malfunction

Even for those who carefully follow the directions, purchase the appropriate gloves, and do an allergy check, events may not always go as planned. Take, for example, this person’s fortunes.

Backward gloves

They’d really put on the hair coloring gloves; the only trouble was that they’d put them on backward. The end product was a stunning blue hand.

Always Wear Protection

Then there’s the individual who didn’t realize they needed to wear gloves when dying their hair. We’re quite sure the advice was in the directions, but sometimes we just don’t read the whole thing.

Ungloved dye job

Finally, she discovered the hard way that wearing a pair of gloves is the easiest method to color her hair.

Baby Brows

This mother of a lovely newborn baby felt it would be a fantastic idea to match her brows to her kid’s. So she took a brow pencil and drew heavy black brows on her baby’s face.

Baby with the brows

To each their own, but we’re thinking this was a one-time experiment that didn’t continue long. At the very least, the infant will be able to joke about it when they are older.

Mustache Monday

When Ethan’s blonde and delicate beard got too much for him, he went to his beautician girlfriend Fifi and requested her to deepen his facial hair. By altering the color of his mustache and beard, he intended to make them appear fuller.

Mustache Mayhem

Unfortunately, something went wrong, and he wound up with his skin-colored and a mustache that was nothing like the one he intended.

Brows Through The Years

As previously said, thin brow styles were very popular a few decades ago, and we’re pleased to say that the trend has since significantly altered. This girl chose to chronicle her brow experience over the course of ten years, and the change is incredible!

Brows grow and change

A few policies improved: she stopped plucking and began filling, she avoided bleaching her brows in favor of brow liner, and the effect was stunning!

The Importance of Labels

This man chose to use his wife’s costly shampoo one morning. Because his shampoo container was empty, he decided to test some of the high-quality stuff on the bathroom counter.

High-quality dye job

Tragically, he failed to see that the container contained hair dye, which his wife used to color the tips of her hair instead of shampoo. The end product was really funny!

Salon Faux Pas

This lady did things a little differently from the folks on this list. She scheduled an appointment at the salon, knowing precisely what she desired, and enlisted the help of a professional to spruce up her tresses.

Not-so ombre

She had no clue she would walk out of the salon with the polar opposite of what she had requested. She departed with a two-toned disaster that she had to fix straight away, rather than a lovely ombre dye job.

Don’t Bag It

A crucial aspect that most individuals learn in beauty school is the importance of shielding a customer’s hair before dying it. They’ll most likely find that what they use to conceal their hair is even more important.

Bag print

In one woman’s instance, utilizing the plastic bag from her local grocery shop merely resulted in the store’s logo being copied straight into her hair, which she didn’t like.

Years Go By

Growing older, we all go through some unique stages. That may manifest itself in the clothes we wear, the hair color we pick, the type and amount of make-up we use, and, of course, how we style our brows.

Oh the changes you will see

This individual provided a before and after shot taken a few years apart, demonstrating the importance of letting one’s brows develop and allowing one’s natural beauty to emerge.