What if you didn’t have to sacrifice comfort or convenience when you travel? Well, you don’t have to if you have the right gadgets. Companies are coming up with the most innovative products to make your travel experience as relaxing as it can possibly be.

These gadgets help us travel in luxury and style. They also help to make sure that we’re having a lot of fun. And having these travel gadgets won’t break the bank. You’d be surprised at how affordable all these awesome things are. Here are some of the best gadgets on the internet that will ensure that you’re traveling in the utmost comfort and convenience.

Travel gadgets for the plane

Anyone who has ever been stuck on a plane for a long time knows that your feet can get cold and cramped. That’s why these Trtl Flight Socks are so perfect. These cozy socks are lightweight and made with Coolmax and Lycra so that they are breathable. That means your feet won’t overheat but will stay warm. They offer a gentle compression that reduces swelling while promoting circulation so your feet don’t get cramped or fall asleep on you. Trtl Flight Socks also offer a lot of cushioned support in the leg, feet and toe areas. They come in a variety of colors and styles that will make you smile. They are super affordable at just $19.99. You can grab a pair here.

You’re also going to want a neck pillow for those long flights. But the Trtl Pillow Plus isn’t just any neck pillow. This neck pillow is next level. Its soft breathable mesh fabric wraps around your neck and makes sure that the pillow doesn’t get too hot. You can customize its height so it perfectly adjusts to your neck. It also comes with a cool water-resistant carry bag. You can get yours here for just $59.99.

Travel gadgets for when you arrive

Traveling can get tricky when it comes to making sure you have Wi-Fi and enough battery life on your devices. Traveling to different countries may mean you need a foreign SIM card or that you could incur hefty roaming charges. But not if you have a Skyroam Solis. It’s a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and Power Bank in one. This travel gadget offers unlimited 4G LTE service in more than 130 countries and can support up to five devices for just $9 a day. You can score yourself one here for $149.99.

We all want to look our best when we travel. But that can be hard if your hotel doesn’t offer an iron and ironing board. That’s why the Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron With Dual Voltage is such a good buy. It’s an adorable tiny iron and steamer that does the job of the big one you have at home. The dual voltage allows you to plug it in anywhere you travel. It heats up in about 15 seconds and has three temperature settings for all your fabrics. It even comes with a travel bag and measuring cup so you know exactly how much water to put in for the steamer. Grab yours here for just $22.32.

Travel gadgets for fun

Lots of us like to have some fun in the sun on a beautiful beach. But we could do without all that pesky sand constantly getting on our blanket no matter how many times we brush it off. CGear offers the perfect solution. Their sand-free outdoor blankets use military-grade technology so that sand falls through the blanket but can’t come back up. They range in price from $44.88 to $113.49. You can get yours here.

Express yourself with personalized sand imprint flip flops. FlipSidez will place a custom message on the bottom of your flip flops so that the message is imprinted in the sand when you walk. How fun is that?! You can order custom ones here for $24.95 or buy the “Follow Me, Bring Beer” ones here for $25.