Avid gamers know that a computer and mouse don’t always cut it for stellar gameplay, especially when it comes to the high-quality, fast-paced games that keep players engaged. Fortunately, products geared towards enriching the art of gameplay have been designed to help master players get the most out of their practice. These six pieces of gaming equipment are essential pieces of tech for anyone who is looking to take their gaming to the next level.

Aiding smooth, effective gameplay

When it comes to the full gaming experience, you can’t get by without a gaming PC. These types of computer setups are built specifically for active gamers. They are developed to actively consider the amount of power that many high-performance games take to compute. On a normal laptop or computer system, more complex games run slower, glitch, and even crash if the computer can’t handle computing the graphics and commands. Gaming PCs are designed to handle the task of computing these complex games, allowing for quicker, smoother gameplay.

What components of a gaming PC give it advanced computing skills over a non-gaming PC? A big portion of the difference boils down to the video processing software. Gaming PCs focus on computing high-quality graphics and gameplay with the least amount of buffering or glitching possible. These PCs have built-in components to support these functions, including advanced RAMs and GPUs (graphics processing unit) unique to the gaming systems. To enjoy effective, speedy gameplay on a computer set-up, you’ll need a gaming PC.

A must-have for hours-long gaming

If you spend a large portion of the day gaming, you’ll want to invest in a gaming chair. The discomfort of sitting in a non-supportive chair for many hours at a time can cause back pain, neck strain, and general discomfort over time. To avoid frequent discomfort that could eventually lead to chronic pain, it’s worth looking for chairs specifically designed with the needs of gamers in mind. You don’t want to end up with lower back pain from sitting in an unsupportive chair during lengthy gaming sessions.

The features that set gaming chairs apart from other styles of office chairs boil down to comfort and maneuverability. Chairs created for avid gamers tend to have specific cushioning (often including neck pillows) that keeps your muscles from getting stiff after hours of gameplay. They typically follow an arch that supports the small of your back and the back of your head. This allows you to rest comfortably during even the most intense rounds of gaming. They also have a unique pivot, allowing you to tilt backward/forward further and move side-to-side at a faster rate. This helps you keep up with shifting game controls without injuring your neck or straining your wrists.

Different tech for better control

A quality gaming controller can make all the difference for specific programs on a gaming PC. While a computer mouse may suffice for certain online games, others will be much tougher to play without an external controller. Popular games like Rocket League, the Dark Souls series, and Street Fighter are all easier to navigate with one. Controllers aren’t just for gaming-specific devices (XBOX and Playstation) but can also work with most PC and computer gaming systems.

If you prefer mouse-play over a controller, then you’ll find it necessary to invest in a gaming mousepad. A gaming mousepad is a longer, thinner mousepad that typically stretches over a foot long. They are sometimes curved to fit in front of your keyboard, allowing you to maneuver your mouse without it slipping off onto your desk during more intense moments of gameplay. If you mainly use a mouse, a gaming mousepad will save you the grief of losing track of your controls during high-pressure gaming.

For gamers who like staying connected

Gaming headsets are great for gamers who like to team up with friends or players from around the world. They allow for online communication during headed multi-player gaming sessions. A microphone attachment can take communication during an online game to the next level. A gaming-designed also takes into account the accuracy of noise in narrative video games, from the distant sound of footsteps to realistic weapon noises. Where normal headphones fall short, gaming headsets are made to capture the setting of the game in full so you can feel truly immersed in the gamescape.

Another tool for serious gamers—especially those who enjoy live-streaming or uploading to gaming sites like Twitch—is a webcam. Why wouldn’t you want to share your best runs with fellow gamers? Webcams that offer high-resolution recording, easy maneuverability, quality audio, and low light correction/autofocus are a plus when it comes to gaming. There is a high likelihood that your avid gaming skills will draw you to streaming sites, and if you’re looking to join these platforms, finding a quality gaming webcam is a place to start.