When it comes to dating, things have changed between men and women over the decades. One of the biggest things to evolve is the male conception of beauty. What may have been glorious back then isn’t quite the same now. In the past, men found these traits completely attractive to a potential mate.

No Love For Hard Work

It’s strange to imagine that men didn’t like working women. In the ’60s, women in the workplace were seen as harming their family. “Once women began to enter the workforce, just as economists had predicted, their increasing economic independence gave them the option not to marry at all, or to leave a marriage they found unsatisfactory,” professor Stephanie Coontz told Harvard Business Review. Men were often found lusting after unemployed women.

The Look Of Innocence

In the ’60s, Lolita fashion originated in Japan before America caught wind of it. This style of fashion was heavily inspired by the classic novel Alice In Wonderland. A decade later, almost every model walked the runway with adolescent looks. Men would often find themselves attracted to this fashion craze.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

Long hair was one of the biggest fashion trends for both men and women. This was in connection to the hippie movement of the ’60s. One of the biggest factors for the long hair was the Vietnam War. “Of course, long hair mocked a war in which the military insisted that soldiers wear short hair,” professor W. J. Rorabaugh told History News Network.

Dresses For Everyone

David Bowie helped bring the androgynous style back to the forefront. At one point, men simply loved women that were into unisex fashion. “Part of the appeal of adult unisex fashion was the contrast between the wearer and the clothes, which actually called attention to the male or female body,” writer Jo Paoletti told The Atlantic.

Thin Was In

Nowadays, men prefer normal looking bodies. Back then, rail-thin was the way to be. The catalyst for this change was popular model Twiggy. “I was young, I was growing and my metabolism and appetite were really high. And a lot of the girls today are very tall. I’m tiny for a model– 5ft 6in. Most models are 5ft 10in, 5ft 11in, even 6ft,” Twiggy told Daily Mail.