You may think you’re doing everything possible to take care of your hair, but the truth is you may actually be damaging it without even realizing. Hair care is important, and beauty experts are now advising you to stop doing these five ordinary tasks to protect your hair from damage.

Blow Drying Your Hair

We know that sometimes you don’t have a choice when you have a busy schedule, but prolonged use of a blow dryer will leave your hair more damaged than you think. Blow drying causes a “flash drying” effect. This removes moisture from your scalp but also leaves your hair dehydrated. Eventually, your hair cuticles will become dry and brittle. Who wants that to happen?

Not Wearing A Hat In The Winter

Similar to excess heat damaging your hair, cold temperatures have a negative effect as well. In cold climates, water freezes to ice. The moisture in the air settles into your hair and forms small “icicles.” Once those icicles break, your hair cuticles are damaged. Wearing a hat outside can save your hair.

Repeating The Same Hairstyle

You might think this one is crazy, but experts recommend changing your hairstyle. If you wear a ponytail every day, you’re exhausting your hair and it will become brittle. Straightening your hair every day will also cause more damage than necessary. Change up your hairstyle. Besides, do you really need an excuse to go to the hair salon? We didn’t think so.

Forgetting To Comb Your Hair

You might not like the feeling of hard bristles combing through your hair, but it’s essential to your hair’s natural health. A comb spreads the oils your scalp produces, making sure your hair has a healthy balance. Don’t forget to brush your hair, too. This task detangles your locks, reducing the risks of breakage and hair loss.

Shampooing Incorrectly

You’re probably thinking, “How can you possibly shampoo wrong?” Well, experts say you probably are shampooing incorrectly without even realizing. Shampoo only the scalp, not all of your hair. Your scalp needs shampoo to remove the oils it produces. Focus on the scalp. Once you start rinsing, the shampoo will flow down and clean the hair strands. Now you know what to do to fix your dry or oily scalp.