Growing up, we all learned right from wrong. While many chose to do well to others, some have steered deep into the dark path. Many times, they don’t even know how evil their actions are to other people. These five traits are often found in people that are simply vile.

Using People For Gain

We all want to reach our goals in life. However, hurting others in the process to get closer isn’t the way to go. Machiavellianism involves exploiting and manipulating people to reach the finish line. Some deeper signs of Machiavellianism involve hiding true intentions and straying from various social interactions.


Spitefulness normally leads to getting revenge on someone at the risk of hurting yourself. In the work field, this behavior is normally thrown at co-workers that recieved a raise or a bigger job. Luckily, this dies down as we age. “You get older and you learn from experience and you just may not have the energy for it,” professor David Marcus told CBS.


Some people struggle and struggle only to be come up short. Many of them walk around feeling entitled to everything in sight. Recently, the level of entitlement found in people has skyrocketed to high levels. Many people have to realize that nobody is owned anything in this world. Hard work pays off more than complaining.


It’s hard to find someone that hasn’t been bullied in school. Those bullies held a trait known as sadism. Many people only display their sadistic side at the most opportune moment. “It is only in situations where cruelty is encouraged or socially acceptable that dangerous behavior might enter the equation,” researcher Erin Buckel told Everyday Health.

Inflated Ego

Every once in a while, people show off their ego in not-so-flattering ways. A select group of people simply can’t get enough of themselves. Egoism can cause people to avoid sharing their fond moments with you. Nobody wants to be around someone that will place themselves above everyone else.