Subtle Signs

The Fearless Man

It can be hard to tell if someone is attracted to you, especially because many of the signals they send are not always obvious. When a person feels an attraction, they themselves may not even be aware of the subconscious signals they are sending out. Luckily, studies now show that there are quite a few non-verbal signs of attraction. Here are five of them to clue you into when someone is crushing on you.

Notice Who Is Close-Talking You

When a person like-like’s another person, they will often try to develop trust with that person. One of the ways to do this is by moving in close when they’re talking to you to create some intimacy. The next time you realize someone gets really close to you while talking, it might mean they have some extra feelings for you.

Mimicking Means More Than You Think

Studies have shown that if a person has romantic interest in another person, they start to copy their behavior. If you notice someone is starting to imitate your mannerisms, such as the way you move your hands when you talk, or twirling your fingers, they might just have a little crush.

Raised Eyebrows Is A Secret Signal

One of the subconscious ways people behave when they feel an attraction is raising their eyebrows. This one is not always particularly noticeable, but if you happen to catch someone raising their eyebrows at you, now you know what it could mean. If this one is used in combination with some of the other indications of attraction listed here, it should be cut and dry you have a crush on your hands.

Lasting Eye Contact For A Lasting Connection

If you’re wondering if they want to be more than friends, you might be able to tell by their eye contact with you. Both frequency of eye contact and length of eye contact are signs that they’ve got some real feelings for you. The longer they let their eyes lock there on yours, the more you know they’ve got it bad.

Their Hands Are Doing All The Talking

In the world of romance, when a person is actively using their hands while they talk to you, it likely means they want to get to know you better and vice versa. It shows that they want to have open communication with you. Those hand gestures are subconsciously showing you they may very well be attracted to you.