We all might like to think we’d be able to tell if we were dating a manipulative, egotistical narcissist. However, the red flags of these charismatic individuals can often be much more overt than we’d expect. These are five signals that indicate you’re in a relationship with a narcissist!

They Love To Manipulate You

Manipulation for one’s own gain in a relationship are red-flags for narcissism. Narcissists will take advantage of their situation and the people involved so as to benefit from it. This can manifest as a need to leech off the privileges of their S.O. or as using their significant other to cover up their own insecurities. Do they want to flash you around to all their doubtful friends? Or use your car to get to-and-from work without buying gas? Narcissism at its peak.

They Know How To Be Charming

When it comes to narcissists advancing their relationships, they often hide behind a layer of false confidence and intense charisma. They can easily make themselves the most interesting, humorous, and charming person on the planet, and make you feel special for them having taken an interest in you. Unfortunately, this facade only holds up so long, and their confidence and charm will fade to arrogance and immaturity as time goes on.

The World Revolves Around Them

No one likes to sit through a conversation with a braggart, but when it comes to narcissists, this is the only chit-chat they know. Narcissists are fans of narrowing in on their accomplishments and dramatizing their own struggles without a regard to the other person in the relationship. If your parent has a big ego and your day gravitate around their superiority, there’s a good chance they’re narcissistic.

They’re Obsessed With Their Reputation

For a narcissist, their image is everything. If they do something good, they’ll gloat for hours; if they do something bad, they’ll manipulate the truth to ensure their appearance isn’t damaged. They are willing to destroy anything and silence anyone to keep their image positive. A narcissistic S.O. panics over how every mistake will damage their reputation rather than their relationship.

They Exhaust Your Energy

Often times, dating a narcissist is a rollercoaster ride of drama, lies, and exaggerations. At the end of the day, spending too much time with one of these characters is emotionally and physically draining. Conversations and dates with them will leave you feeling tired and craving alone time. This is because they demand your full attention, focus endless conversations on themselves, and are high-maintenance when it comes to your engagement in their drama.