Let’s face it: hair loss is never fun, hardly welcomed, and often unexpected. Most people would be willing to do just about anything to restore lost hair. However, it’s important to understand the reason that your hair is falling out in order to treat the root of the problem. These are five common reasons that you may be experiencing hair loss, thinning, or balding.

Intense Life Stressors

If you’re experiencing extreme emotional pressure following a major life event, trauma, or another significant occurrence, it can absolutely contribute to hair loss. People under extreme stress can develop telogen effluvium, which causes a person to lose up to 70% of the hair on their head in a few short months. Thankfully, this condition isn’t permanent, and you can regrow all lost hair in the course of a half-year.

Shifts In Hormones

A lot of medical conditions, illnesses, or significant shifts regarding your body’s hormones can cause hair to fall out. From exciting and joyful events like pregnancy to thyroid problems and menstruation, variations in your usual hormone levels may lead to balding or hair loss. Most of the time, lost hair can be restored once your hormones are balanced again.

Your Genetic History

Ever hear of a condition called “male-pattern baldness?” This is the main cause of hair loss in most men, resulting from a reaction between testosterone and sensitive hair follicles. This usually forms an ‘M’ shaped hairline in men. Women can also be affected be genetic hair loss, though it usually presents as a widening of where they tend to part their hair.

Mistreating Your Hair

Are you a fan of excessive hair treatments, dying it constantly, or pulling your hair into tight ponies and pigtails? Unfortunately, your cute hairdo may damage your hair to the point of it falling out. Chemicals in hair dyes can inflame your hair follicles, leading to shedding. In addition, when you constantly wear tight ponytails, balding can occur in patches where your hair is frequently pulled up in an uncomfortable, damaging fashion.

What You’re Eating

If your hair is becoming dry and brittle before falling out, what you’re consuming daily might be your culprit. People who don’t have enough iron in their diet can become anemic, which promotes thin, brittle hair. Not consuming enough of certain vitamins, such as zinc or b12, can also contribute to damaged hair. However, unless you’re restricting to the extreme, this probably isn’t the cause of your hair issues.