Instagram/ Margie Zank

There are so many beauty bloggers and makeup artists on the internet! It’s no wonder that the web is clogged with makeup tips and tricks, but where are the new ideas? If you’re looking for a fresh take on how to look amazing, we’ve got you covered, girl (see what we did there?).

Use White Lip Liner

The modern take on the passe 90s trend of dark lip liner is white lip liner. After applying a thin line of white lip liner around the lip, it’s recommended to gingerly rub the line with one finger to smooth it out. This makes the lip defined and plump.

The Go-To Hack For Glossy Lids

Some beauty bloggers suggest using lip gloss if you’re into the new look of dewy, glossy eyelids, but eye serum works much better. Since it’s made specifically for the eyes, it’s safer. Eye serum is also made to soak into the skin, so it’s not as uncomfortable.

Flip Your Eyeliner Routine

Makeup can get really boring if you let it. That’s why you have to shake things up a little! Put eyeliner beneath your lower eyelids rather than the top ones. In addition to looking really cool, a well-chosen complimentary color will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Lumpy Lashes Are All The Rage

Current trends in the beauty industry are in favor of the polished yet natural look and perfectly straight lashes aren’t natural. Even on the red carpet, some are intentionally clumping their mascara. To get the look, use a Q tip instead of the applicator brush to apply your mascara.

Go Bold Or Go Home

Makeup artists are encouraging people to incorporate neon colors into their looks. Neon colors make the perfect splash to bring a subtle, natural look from basic to boring. Despite being so bright, these colors can easily be coordinated with clothes and accessories to create a cohesive head to toe look.