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Most people want to lose weight, but they don’t know how to stay accountable for their exercise plans. To lose weight, especially with a long-term goal, you need to exercise more consistently and gradually increase the intensity. As you might already know, everyone needs help every now and then.

You need to stay accountable with your exercise habits, and one way to accomplish this much-needed goal is to download fitness apps onto your cellular devices. Fitness apps remind you of your goals and routinely prompt you to follow those goals. They also provide beneficial tools, including a calorie calculator, dietary plans, video-based workouts, and more.

There are plenty of fitness apps to choose from, and it’s important to select the best app for your fitness needs. We recommend these five simple apps that meet a wide range of needs. They’re designed for beginners who are looking for new ways to go the extra mile to meet their health and fitness goals. Every person has a different fitness goal, so it’s important to find the app with the greatest value for you. Try these five apps and get ready to change your fitness lifestyle.

Track your calories

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness apps, mostly because it’s the top pick for counting calories and keeping an eye on your nutrition. By using the app, you’ll have access to tools necessary to successfully lose weight and meet your long-term goals.

The app has the largest food database where you can find name-brand packaged foods and even select your own homemade recipes. You can track your food intake, counting every calorie you consume. The more consistently you track your food, the more likely you are to eat healthier and start to lose weight. You’ll be more conscious about your food and how many calories you consume on a daily basis.

MyFitnessPal focuses on making sure you log your meals as quickly as possible, but you can also track your workout programs. You also share your progress with friends and they encourage you to succeed in your weight loss goals. It’s always better to be surrounded by a community of individuals who also want to lose weight. MyFitnessPal is a free app (with more tools available through in-app purchases) to stay motivated with your friends.

Track your activity

It is always important to monitor your exercise activities. How often do you run? How often do you walk? Activity-tracking apps are designed to log your activities while you’re moving. Unlike MyFitnessPal (which tracks your calories and fitness after the meals and workout sessions), activity-tracking apps monitor your motion, knowing if you’re running, cycling, or simply walking while mowing the lawn.

One of the best apps is MapMyFitness, the app that works for people at any fitness level. It monitors any activity, whether you’re training for an upcoming marathon or walking your dog around your neighborhood. You launch the app whenever you start an activity you wish to record, and it begins to analyze the distance and duration of your workout. Your information is saved into a personalized account, where you can access your progress and eventually increase your fitness level. Before long, you’ll feel motivated to exercise more often and take your fitness seriously. If you have never exercised before, or at least haven’t exercised in a while, MapMyFitness is the best app to get you started on a regular schedule.

For the brief workout session

With your busy schedule, you might not have time to exercise for a half hour. Instead, you only have ten minutes to exercise your body. There are plenty of apps designed for a seven-minute workout session, including The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout. The app coordinates with individuals who are frequently on-the-go.

The app is programmed for an intensity level that’s appropriate for your fitness needs. With simple workouts, audio and visual cues indicate when you start and stop each exercise in the seven-minute program. The workout includes jumping jacks, wall chair sits, high-knee running in place, triceps dips on a chair, and more. In addition, you can customize the workouts for your physical needs.

Lift weights with Jefit

There are a variety of fitness apps that specialize in one form of physical exercise. If you’re a runner, there are apps designed for tracking your miles and heart rate while you’re training for a marathon. If you dance, there are apps to track your movements. However, if you prefer to lift weights, Jefit is the best app for your exercise program.

Jefit designs weightlifting exercises, in which you can log your repetitions. You can also log the amount you lift for each set. The app contains a section for logging your body measurements, everything from your weight to the circumference of your thighs. Finally, a calendar helps plan your workouts for the week, helping you stay accountable to reach your fitness goals.

Watch videos with Nike Training Club

Everyone would love to train with Nike professionals, but it’s not always possible. However, now there’s an app with the best on-demand workouts, and you don’t even have to step inside a Nike store. You don’t even have to go to the local gym. You can exercise in the comfort of your home with the best fitness instructors in the business.

With the Nike Training Club, you’re offered 30-minute workouts in the form of videos with trainers. They talk to you throughout the sessions about the proper form and the benefits of the exercise activities. You’re not just exercising but you’re learning why the exercise program is beneficial to your physical health. It doesn’t get better than that.