Great hair is a quality we all want, but it’s not as easy as it might seem to achieve it. Not only does great hair require some work, it also requires knowing the things that contribute to beautiful locks versus destroying them. In fact, many things we do to try to keep our hair healthy is what ruins it. Pay attention below, because these five hair habits must be broken in order to keep your hair looking fabulous.

Conditioner: The Silent Killer

We all think conditioner makes our hair silky smooth, so it’s no wonder we aren’t shy when applying it. However, conditioners only have the power to hydrate your hair, and don’t necessarily make hair soft. Using conditioner every day will actually strip the hair of nutrients instead of adding them because of all the sulfates many daily conditioners contain. Limit conditioning to a few times a week if you want what is best for your hair.

Stop Tying Your Hair Up In A Towel

It makes logical sense to use a towel to wrap your hair up right out of the shower, as it prevents everything around from getting wet. Apparently, that’s not such a good idea. Towels can cause real damage to your hair because of their rough texture, and that includes terry cloth. In addition, they can exasperate split ends, leaving your hair in bad shape. Better to squeeze dry if you want healthy hair.

Not Enough Haircuts

Growing your hair long, it is tempting to skip out on the monthly trims. Little did you know, skipping those trims is likely damaging your hair. The ends of the hair are the most susceptible to problems, and thus require the most care. You have to cut off those split ends from time to time. You might feel like this defeats the purpose of growing your hair long, but regular trims actually help it grow faster and keep it healthy at the same time.

You’re Not Brushing Right

Most people do not brush their hair before a shower. However, shampoo causes more knots, not less, so waiting until after to brush will just create a bigger problem. Since over-brushing your hair can cause lots of breakage, it is best to find a way to create the least tangles possible. That means brushing your hair before your shower, as it turns out.

Never Flat Iron Damp Hair

When you flat iron wet or damp hair, you might notice a sizzling noise. What is happening there is you are literally burning your hair with that extreme, direct heat. It isn’t enough to burn it off, but it’s enough to damage your hair and make it brittle. While you may be in a rush at times, for your hair’s sake, let it dry completely before using a flat iron.