Relationships are not all rainbows and butterflies, and that’s a fact. That being said, the negative parts of a relationship should not overshadow the positives. A toxic relationship can negatively affect your stress levels and happiness to a point that your whole life has a dark cloud over it. If you notice too many of signs of toxic relationships in your own relationship, it’s probably time to either confront it, or get out.

Lots Of Scorekeeping

Keeping track of everything negative your partner does, or even keeping track of all the positive things you do is called scorekeeping. It is one of the most toxic elements a relationship can have because it’s based on manipulating a situation because of past behavior. And that is unkind. Bitterness and anger tends to build up as a result, and this can spell trouble in the love department.

You Tread Lightly

A controlling parner often signals a lack of trust. This is a big relationship red flag. Unfortunately, a person being controlling can also lead to threats and violence. Someone with a controlling partner tends to be afraid to share details of their life or opinions because it might set their significant other off. If you are feeling you are always walking on eggshells in your relationship, that’s a bad sign.

All The Relationship Work Falls On You

Healthy relationships are built on teamwork, so when all the work falls to one party, the relationship can easily become toxic. Both sides have to be active parts of creating a fulfulling partnership, contributing to your mutual happiness. That means if you make dinner, for example, they do the dishes. If that is not the case, it might be time to have a serious conversation about how to bring things back to balance.

Fighting Is One Of Your Main Activities

Little fights are bound to happen in tight relationships. Spending lots of time with someone makes that inevitable. However, if you’re constantly having misunderstandings and getting heated with one another, that is unhealthy. Good communication is vital for a relationship to thrive; it will halt the misunderstandings. With poor communication, things can easily slip into toxic territory.

You’re Often Find Yourself Stonewalled

Speaking of communication, relationships require both parties to be open to talking about the serious issues. These are things like marriage, having children, making investments, that sort of thing. If your significant other refuses to talk about present or future plans for your life together, something is not right. Unfortunately, getting stonewalled by your partner is a toxic pattern that does not usually end well.