Ah, makeup, something that sounds so simple, but as anyone can tell you, it takes both talent and practice to do it perfectly. There are so many terrible things that can go wrong, making you look more like a clown than a dazzling goddess. Take a look at some of the funniest and most ridiculous makeups of all time, and yes, they are all 100% real. No Photoshop, no Halloween outfits, just horrible makeup that serves as a warning for anyone who wants to go crazy with their makeup.

  1. Did You Want To Have A Unibrow?

If you’ve ever wondered how to create the illusion of having a unibrow, this is how it’s done. However, we’re not sure why you want to do this to yourself. Unfortunately, this woman’s makeup is wrong on so many levels.

Big unibrow

Her foundation is a peach-colored disaster, her eyebrows are unevenly drawn, and the lack of foundation around her eyebrows somehow makes it even worse. Damn!

  1. Where Do We Start?

Let’s start with a simple question – who in the world did this makeup? Whoever did this needs to get another job, because unfortunately, this woman’s face is a nightmare!

A scary makeup job

Although the makeup artist tried to work around it, they failed to enhance the woman’s features in any way. We’re sure this woman is beautiful without her orange foundation, scary eyebrows, and furry eyelashes – this makeup needs to be removed right away!

  1. When The Previous Photo Is Really Better

We’ll start by saying the woman looks stunning on the left. Her freckles offer a unique look, and her red hair compliments her skin.

Browning the skin?

After looking at the photo on the right, however, not only does the makeup look terrible, she doesn’t even look like herself! The thick brown foundation is hiding her beautiful skin. Why do people choose to look like mannequins?

  1. Terrible Makeup, Celebrity Edition

As the tabloids say, celebrities are just like us! We’re not the only ones who get bad makeup – it looks like Tyra Banks, J.Lo, and Drew Barrymore do too.

Celebrity makeup gone wrong

No one is safe from the world’s terrible makeup artists, from the thick foundation to the eye shadow that looks like you’ve been punched in the face.

  1. Are Your Eyes Ok?

This one is so horrible it’s hard to look at. There are so many things wrong with this woman’s makeup, so let’s take a look. First of all, did the makeup artist really think this mix of pink and white eyeshadows was a look that could be worn in public?

A case of pink-eye

And what’s up with those caterpillar eyebrows? Although the foundation is the least of her problems, the fact that part of it stays in the uniform collar doesn’t help at all.

  1. Why Did You Do It?

Seriously, we don’t have words for this one. Why would anyone want to color their eyebrows so thick? It will be a new trend because as far as we know, it isn’t. Either way, it’s an extremely unpleasant and ridiculous look.

The biggest eyebrows ever

Believe it or not, this woman is a local celebrity in Yakutsk, the capital of Russia’s Sakha Republic, and is promoting her business with her huge eyebrows.

  1. Let’s Hope This Is Was a Costume

Photos like this honestly make us question humanity. Who would do this to themselves, or would someone else do this to her? The photo of the woman on the left looks very beautiful.

Michael Jackson impersonator?

She didn’t need to change her appearance to look like a sloppy doll. Let’s hope this was a costume from the zombie foundation to her creepy eyebrows and swollen lips.

  1. The Color Difference Between Your Hands And Your Face

We’re feeling a common theme here – people seem to really love the orange foundation, and we understand what’s behind it. Everyone wants to get tanned these days.

Unfortunately orange

So if someone wants to get tanned without going to the beach or the salon, makeup artists can fix it for you, but nobody said to look orange! And don’t show your hands while you’re doing this, please.

  1. Sorry, Were You Saying Something?

While we are complaining about the orange skin situation, there seems to be another foundation crisis that we weren’t aware of – greenish-yellow!

It’s a witch!

We can’t believe we’re about to say this, but the greenish-yellow foundation doesn’t go with fair skin or any other skin. Unless you go to Halloween as an ogress, please just don’t, we beg you.

  1. Better Luck Next Time

From the expression on this woman’s face, she is very upset about her makeup, and we don’t blame her. It seems like she went to a makeup artist, hoping her shadow would look like the photo she has on her phone.

Revenge of the makeup artist

But as you can see from her face, the makeup artist did a terrible job, and the result looks nothing like the photo. Ouch.

  1. You Have Something On Your Face

When it comes to foundation, rule number one is not to orange your skin, and rule number two is not to match your skin color with your hair, especially if your hair is reddish-orange.

Hair and skin are very different

This woman, however, decided to go against these two rules, and the result is really horrible. No wonder she looks so sad.

  1. Never Do This To A Baby

If you’re about to say, “Aww, how cute are they,” let’s stop it right there. There’s absolutely nothing cute about what’s going on here.

Is this child abuse?

This mother thought she could make her baby daughter look as horrible as she did by wiggling her baby’s eyebrows. If someone wants to look awful, by all means, but don’t do that to your baby. This is just cruel.

  1. Barbie’s Look Didn’t Go Exactly As Planned

Honestly, is this photo real? Is she trying to look like a doll, or is she dressed like an Oompa Loompa from the movie Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory?

Tan gone wrong

The tone discrepancy might be the least of her problems. Nothing about her makeup was right that day, and this girl might need to look at some YouTube videos and try again.

  1. What’s Going On Here?

Okay, what’s going on in this photo, and where do we start? Please don’t pair your orange skin with an orange shirt – it’s bad enough if you choose to apply an orange foundation, so don’t make it worse.

Orange like her shirt

Continuing with the makeup nightmare, this woman seems to have put on fake hair on her eyelashes, and no one wears dark purple eyeliner with light-colored lipstick.

  1. Where Did Your Eyebrows Go?

What’s with women thinking they need to shave their eyebrows? This trend is ridiculous and needs to be stopped.

A complete lack of eyebrow

This beautiful woman must have thought pencil-drawn eyebrows are a good look, but she is terribly wrong. Let your eyebrows grow, and never do it again!

  1. Who Here Teaches A Makeup Course For Beginners?

Can anyone out there give this woman makeup advice? And we mean LITERALLY anyone – where do we start with this photo? The three main problems here are the eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips.

What is the style here?

For the eyebrows, she must have tried to go for an almost unibrow look. As for her eyes, her spider lashes aren’t flattering, and her lips are downright awful.

  1. And That Sunburn On The Neck

What do you think of this photo? Just looking at it bothers us. If it’s not already obvious, this woman desperately needs a makeup artist right away.

Raccoon eyes for days

Her foundation is too dark for her face, and it wasn’t well applied, but that’s not the worst part after seeing her sunburnt neck.

  1. No Dear, No

This photo definitely circulated on the Internet during Donald Trump’s presidency, and something about his skin is bizarre. Guess what it is? That’s right. The foundation is clearly orange.

This dummy is the worst.

Why couldn’t his makeup team get his skin back to its original color? And seeing exactly where the foundation ends near the hairline only makes things worse.

  1. The Opposite Of Natural Makeup

Although we had a similar problem in another photo, we’ll repeat it because it’s necessary to repeat – don’t try to match the foundation to the hair color! We wish this were the only problem, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

Everything except the eyeshadow has to go

Her foundation is very shiny, it’s much darker than her real skin tone, and what’s with the pink streaks on her eyelids? Weird.

  1. Tan Gone Wrong

If we only saw the photo on the right, we would assume it was taken from a wax museum. As the two photos are together, side by side, we understand that she is a real person, but we are still not totally convinced.

Wearing black face??

What was wrong with her natural makeup? Let’s hope she was getting dressed for a photoshoot.

  1. Toothpaste Eye Shadow

Should this woman be starring in a toothpaste commercial? From the look of this photo, it looks like she squeezed some multicolored toothpaste into her eyes.

The lipstick doesn’t really match…

And if that weren’t all, lipstick is horrible, and the foundation is uncomfortable to look at. At least she didn’t mutilate her eyebrows.

  1. Those Eyebrows Are Not Genetic, Right?

After seeing this eyebrow horror show on this new mom’s face, let’s be really grateful that they aren’t genetic at all.

Angry eyebrow mom

Like the rest of the eyebrow disasters on this list, we don’t know why people are shaving their eyebrows and drawing scary ones when they should be working with the ones they already have. This horrible trend has to end!

  1. Eyelashes Are Not The Only Problem

There’s no doubt that her makeup needs a lot of help, but something specific is strange about this woman’s face. If you look closely at her nose, you’ll see that whoever did the makeup did something peculiar.


The foundation gets smaller from the top of her nose to the tip, and we’re not sure why anyone would do that. Also, her eyelids are scary.

  1. This Makeup Artist Needs To Be Fired

First of all, whoever did this poor woman’s makeup needs to be fired for their horrible job. Unless the goal was to make his client look like a zombie, he’s done a terrible job.

The prettiest zombie

From the black eyes to the bright orange face, no wonder this woman looks sad! We would be on the verge of tears with that result too.

  1. When The Makeup Artist Has Only One Shade Of Foundation

There is no doubt that these women are stunning. This photo was clearly taken at a wedding, and the matching dresses and hairstyles are perfect.

Please diversify your makeup

However, there is a glaring problem here – its composition. It’s very hard to believe that the makeup artist didn’t have access to foundations that matched all these women’s skin tones.

  1. Much Better On The Right

Instead of judging this woman for her obsession with plucking eyebrows she had ten years ago, let’s congratulate her. After a decade of destroying her eyebrows, this woman has finally learned to grow them, and they look stunning!

She’s come so far

We all have terrible beauty routines at some points in our lives, but it’s more important that we learn from our mistakes and move on.

  1. Shouldn’t You Be Some Kind Of A Youtube Star?

Like many photos on this list, this one’s problem is the foundation. While we’re not makeup experts, it seems like people aren’t choosing foundation shades that look like their own skin color.

James Charles

We know that people want to look more tanned, but applying an orange foundation is just not the way to go. And this guy is the famous Beauty YouTuber James Charles, so he should know better!

  1. Those Eyebrows Are Terrifying

We don’t know about you, but we’re actually afraid of this woman. Like many women who don’t know this, she shaved her eyebrows and opted for a fine pencil-drawn brow.

Scary eyebrows

Only those eyebrows are designed to look permanently like she’s angry, and with her smug smile, she looks absolutely awful!

  1. Anything, Less Mild Or Subtle

Let’s start by saying that there is nothing mild or subtle about this makeup. The makeup artist clearly has no idea what the definition of these words is.

Was the goal a bloodhound?

The makeup is horrible, and we feel awful for the poor woman. As the artist tried to contour the woman’s face, the only thing she did was drop her cheeks.

  1. Those Lips Shouldn’t Be That Way

Similar to some other photos we’ve seen before, this woman’s face is a complete nightmare. The only way to fix this makeup monstrosity is to take it all off and start over.

The lips are too large

Her foundation makes her face swollen, and her eyelashes are unnecessarily long, but nothing is as bad as her painfully swollen-looking lips. Damn!

  1. What’s Worse, Eyes Or Lips?

This woman needs a new makeup artist, seriously. While she definitely tried to pull a different look with her eyes, they ended up looking like bees.

What’s worse here?

And her lips are just as bad – the swollen look we’ve seen several times makes her even worse.

  1. Why Would She Do This?

Here’s another pic of – why would you do this to yourself? Your look before was so cute! This woman has a unique look with fair skin and freckles.

Aww, not the freckles

We’re not sure why she decided to change her appearance and look bloated and horrible. If you want to tan your skin, there is a right way, but this one is not!

  1. Nothing About This Photo Works For Us

Imagine you are going to a wedding and want to do your hair and makeup. You ask for something bold and dramatic, but the results are disastrous.

It’s all too much

That seems to be what happened here, as this woman is on her way to a fancy wedding. Her makeup is horrible and, unless she ordered the Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle, her hair is also bad.

  1. Move Away From The Camera Slowly

What do you think about this photo? Although we want to like it for its cool style, it’s making us shiver.

Mind the gap

Her hair color is amazing, and we like the thick glasses she picked out, but there’s something we can’t ignore – her eyebrows. Why would she think drawing her eyebrows that way would look good on her?

  1. When Is Your Makeup Artist’s Last Day

We’ve talked about this a few times – never match your skin color with your hair. This time it looks a little different than before.

Don’t match your hair

In the previous photos, we’ve seen women matching their orange hair with an orange foundation, but let’s be clear, it doesn’t matter if your hair is orange, blonde, or purple – don’t match your skin tone, please!

  1. Makeup Just For Halloween

What kind of makeup is this, and where to start? The only thing this woman has going for her is her eyebrows, which she thankfully hasn’t touched.

Holy studded eyes

The same can’t be said for the shading on her nose, her weird eye shadow, and her super bright blush on her cheeks. But nothing prepared us for the hideous shade of green lipstick. Horrible.

  1. And He Was On A Makeup Artist Reality Show

This guy’s makeup is horrible – nothing makes him look worse than a poorly chosen foundation that washes his face. This whole situation sadder is that this guy was actually on a reality show for makeup artists.

We expected better

Jake Oakley starred in Season 2 of Glow Up, but after looking at this photo, we advise you not to take makeup advice from him.

  1. Is This Real Animal Skin?

This woman’s makeup is a big mess. You can tell she tried to look glamorous with her sparkling eye shadow and dramatic lip color, but the whole thing went wrong.

It’s all too much

For starters, she has way too much foundation on her face, and although her eyeshadow would look nice if she kept the rest of her face natural, it looks like she glued hair on her eyelashes.

  1. This Photoshop Is Embarrassing

Here’s a fun case of bad Photoshop. The photo editor had a problem – the woman in the photo had no eyebrows.

Edited eyebrows

Of course, this is a big problem, and the eyebrows needed photoshop, but the result is so terrible that you can’t help but laugh. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but please put her fake eyebrows behind her bangs!

  1. We Think The Sun Hit Her First

This woman really needs to tone down her makeup. We thought she wanted a dramatic look, but the result was horrible.

There’s so much wrong here

The winged eyeliner is too much and overdone, but that’s the least of her problems. The combination of her foundation and blush makes her look like she has a terrible sunburn. Ouch!

  1. At Least She Admitted Her Mistake

We will try not to be so hard on her, considering she admitted her mistake. This woman tried to do her makeup for a Disney villain costume, but it didn’t really go as planned.

Down to clown

She wanted purple and yellow to look different, but she ended up looking like a clown.

  1. A Little Too High

There have been many eyebrow disasters on this list, but something we haven’t discussed is how high the eyebrows should be on someone’s face.

High above me…

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t be drawing eyebrows in the first place, but if you already have, please don’t let them sit in the middle of your forehead like this woman!

  1. The Foundation Is Not The Only Problem

Although this woman did complain about the new foundation she had bought, she made some other makeup mistakes that had nothing to do with her new purchase.

The lashes are just scary

While the foundation is the wrong skin tone and makes her skin look pale, her eyebrows look horrible, and her spider lashes need to be redone urgently.

  1. Caterpillar Eyebrows

Let’s start by saying that this woman’s foundation is horrible and makes it look like she’s been in the sun for too long. Now that we’ve sorted that out let’s talk about her eyebrows.

But maybe they’ll make butterflies

As she struggled to fill in her eyebrows, she seemed to have two caterpillars on her face.

  1. So Bright, It Hurts Our Eyes

There could really be something wrong with this woman if she thinks her face makeup is acceptable.

Ring light can’t fix everything

From slimy foundation to caterpillar eyebrows, she needs a new makeup artist as soon as possible. It almost looks like she just got out of the shower with her skin so glowing.

  1. ‚Äč‚ÄčThis Is Not The Answer

We understand how this woman is feeling – pimples are not very flattering, and it’s easier to cover them up than to take care of them the right way.

Is it worth the acne?

Although the “after” photo covers her acne, the color is off, and, more importantly, she’s likely to have more breakouts.

  1. Orange Is Never A Good Color

After four years as president, we were all getting tired of Donald Trump’s weathered look, right? His orange skin looks absolutely terrifying, and it looks extremely damaged from all the makeup applied to his face.

Let’s just agree to never think about him again

And can we talk about the white circles around his eyes? If his makeup artists insisted on painting it orange, at least mix it around the eyes!

  1. How The Eyebrows Stole Christmas

Here’s another eyebrow drawing disaster. This woman has her eyebrows raised over her face and in a way that makes her look so angry.

Is it a merry Christmas?

And to make matters worse, she’s posing for a happy Christmas photo. Nothing is scarier than an angry, smiling woman at Christmas.