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When it comes to the workforce, it can be a hassle for many to find a stable job. The main problem lies in particular career paths. Over the years, certain careers have seen a decline in open positions due to a struggling economy. On the flip side, several careers have seen a surprising rise in available jobs. These four professions have the lowest unemployment rates found in the United States.

Civil engineer

When it comes to construction, civil engineers are some of the most important people in the field. With their knowledge, they help build various structures, including roads and bridges. “I’m doing things that affect people on a daily basis. I build airports, or at least I make sure that the pavement is good and that planes can actually land on the runway. That’s important, and it affects people’s lives directly. They might not really think about it — people usually worry about the plane — but you have to be able to land it somewhere,” civil engineer Eileen Velez-Vega told The Atlantic. On average, civil engineers earn around $86,640 yearly, which equates to 41.65 per hour. Until 2026, the field is looking to grow 11 percent.

Medical technician

A typical day in the office for a medical technician involves performing tests on samples. As one of the most critical jobs in hospitals, most technicians need a license. “The best part of my job is to look into a microscope and immediately be able to tell what abnormality the patient might have. When we actually can find someone very sick and help physicians make that diagnosis. … this reminds us that what we do is valuable and can save someone’s life. It’s not just numbers,” medical technician Natalya Trager told The Chicago Tribune. Yearly, medical technicians make an average of $52,330. Until 2026, this job will see an increase of 13 percent. Like most hospital jobs, that percentage can easily grow in size over time.

Early childhood teacher

Preschool and kindergarten teachers play a major role in a child’s growth. Aside from parents, they’re often the ones teaching kids’ various life lessons. “Every day I get to influence students to be their best selves, show them their capabilities and challenge their thinking. Every day I get to provide all of my students with a positive and literacy-rich learning environment that meets them at their level,” kindergarten teacher Patty Pinchuk told The Chicago Tribune. Preschool teachers earn $29,780 yearly while kindergarten teachers make $57,980 yearly. Both jobs will see a 10 percent increase through 2026.


Yearly, two-thirds of Americans visit their local dentist to check up on any cavities. Unlike the other professions listed, many doctors work out of their own offices. This allows them to make their own hours and have a deeper relationship with their patients. There are nearly 200,000 dentists working in the United States, but that number is slated to rise. Unlike most jobs, a college degree is optional as you’ll only need dental school though most dentists obtain a bachelor’s degree first. Obtaining a degree, however, does increase your chances of finding better work.

Over the years, digital dentistry has replaced numerous archaic devices in the office. While digital methods are advancing, they can’t permanently replace the wisdom of a skilled dentist. “I think that the need for manual completion by a highly skilled dental technician will always remain in the case of high-end esthetic restorations – even more so in complex rehabilitation such as full-arch restorations, no matter whether they are placed on implants or natural teeth,” doctor Petra Gierthmühlen told Ivoclar Vivadent. Doctors can make up to $156, 240 per year.