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While finding a simple date isn’t too hard, discovering someone compatible can be challenging. Things tend to go your way after you finally find someone worth your time. Unfortunately, some people can be hiding the ugly fact that they’re a complete psychopath. These individuals will always roam the streets with these three ghastly traits.

No remorse from causing pain

Psychopaths have no regard when it comes to hurting you with words. While most comments are done in private, it won’t stop them from embarrassing you in front of strangers. In fact, they’ll often feel fulfilled with a rude statement in front of your family and/or friends. For them, damaging someone emotionally is their main agenda in life.

The University of Padova in Italy conducted an experiment to see why psychopaths love harming people. 281 students were given a handful of dilemmas involving death. One dilemma included allowing one person to die in order to save the lives of five people. In the end, those with high psychotic traits weren’t as worried about these life-saving scenarios. “These results suggest that high psychopathy trait affects choices of action in sacrificial dilemmas because of reduced emotional reactivity to harmful acts. The dissociation between a choice of action and moral judgment suggests that the former is more closely related to emotional experience,” the study stated.

Using you to get what they want

When you get close to someone, you trust them with all of your secrets. Psychopaths strive for this level of intimacy in order to manipulate people. They’ll often expect them to not notice anything suspicious while getting their way. Empathy plays a very strong role in this behavior. Without it, they won’t comprehend how their actions are harmful to their relationship.

In order to test their empathy, Dr. Christian Keysers gained the help of 21 violent psychopathic offenders. During the study, each individual was shown footage of people engaging in violent activity. Following the screening, they were slapped on the hand by doctoral student Harma Meffert. The slap was done to find brain regions associated with touch and pain. After doing the same experiment with 26 normal men, it was determined the psychopaths’ empathy dropped heavily. “For the psychopathic criminals of our study, empathy seemed to be a voluntary activity. If they want to, they can empathize, and that explains how they can be so charming, and maybe so manipulative. Once they have seduced you into doing what serves their purpose, the effortful empathy would though probably disappear again,” Keysers said in the study.

Telling nothing but lies

When it comes to sharing stories, psychopaths love telling their favorite one to whoever is around. After a while, you’ll notice something about their storytelling: it sounds scripted. You can repeat it word from word after a while. This stems from a psychopath’s desire to lie for acceptance. After finding one story that hits home, it becomes their bait for unsuspecting people.

The University of Hong Kong conducted a study about lying with 52 random students. In the study, these students were asked if they recognized people in photographs. Before they could start, they were thrown a curveball. Students were signaled to lie or tell the truth for each photo shown. People with psychopathic traits were able to lie quicker than normal individuals. “High psychopathy is characterized by untruthfulness and manipulativeness but the evidence so far was not clear on whether high-psychopathic individuals in the general population tend to lie more or better than others. Our findings provide evidence that people with high psychopathic traits might just be better at learning how to lie,” Dr. Robin Shao said in the study.