Unsplash / Gregory Pappas

Did you know not getting enough sleep increases the likelihood of suffering from strokes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure? In light of this, it’s imperative we get a good night’s rest, and what we wear to bed can impact the quality of our sleepway more than we realize.

Opt For Loose Clothing

The last thing you should wear to bed is clingy clothing. Although you’ll go to sleep looking great, tight PJs aren’t good for your health. It’s awful for your circulation and can make it harder for you to breathe. Also, tight clothing doesn’t enable your skin to air which increases the chances of irritating your skin and triggering infection.

Interestingly, tight nightwear is associated with reduced melatonin. This hormone is essential for regulating your sleeping patterns. Unsurprisingly, when your body clock is askew, your sleep suffers.

Cotton Is Best

Pajamas made from 100% cotton are ideal. This natural fiber is gorgeously soft making it extremely comfy to sleep in. Plus, cotton allows your skin to breathe, which as we’ve already discussed, is fabulous for keeping your skin healthy.

Also, as cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics, it doesn’t retain foul smelling odors as easilywhich is perfect if you sweat a lot during the night.

Pop Your Socks On

During the winter, always wear socks in bed. When you have warm feet, your blood pressure naturally lowers which induces sleepiness. This helps you to fall asleep quicker.

Also, wearing socks works wonders for keeping your feet hydrated, you’re way less likely to suffer from dry, cracked heels when your sleep in socks. Finally, on a slightly grosser note, if you suffer from sweaty feet, socks help absorb the moisture, making the problem far more manageable.