Grating toast over a dish

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Beer Me!

All stocked up for the BBQ? Bottles falling all over the place? We’ve been there. Not to worry – just grab a binder clip and stack ‘em up! You’ll be able to fit four times as many of your favorite soft drink or brew. After all, no one likes warm beer

Beer bottles stacked in a fridge using a binder clip to hold them in placeBeer bottles stacked in a fridge using a binder clip to hold them in place
Reddit: u/laurenwazenn

With this hack, you can maximize fridge space in seconds. Pick up a sixer and pile those bottles as high as an elephant’s eye. You might even have some room left for the potato salad. Total game-changer. Now, when the Big Game is on, you’ll be the real MVP! 

Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese

We can all agree. It’s just not the same without the tomato soup… Unless you’re some kind of absolute monster. Next time, try making your grilled cheese right in the waffle iron. It will stay all extra-crispy delicious. Also, all those tasty little nooks make for the perfect spoon. Clutch!  

Grilled Cheese made in a waffle press scooping tomato soupGrilled Cheese made in a waffle press scooping tomato soup
Reddit: u/gooberdawg

Substitute some whole-grain toast and aged cheddar for an upscale snack. Want to complete the fancy bistro presentation? If you wanna go big, you can even sprinkle some chopped herbs on the soup. Why be basic? Give this one a try. Everyone will be wowed, and you’ll save a spoon!

Pomegranate Genius

We all love pomegranates. They’re a healthy, delicious superfood. Plus, they’re on-trend. However, they are also the worst to open. The actual worst. We got you, though. To open and serve without drama, first cut a square off the end with that little, uh… thingy. Then, you can see where the sections are and cut along the lines 

Opening a pomegranate with a knife Opening a pomegranate with a knife
Reddit: u/PietroTheRedditer

After you separate the sections into wedges, you can simply serve. That’s it! Just like that. If you want to take it one step further, simply scoop the seeds into a bowl of cold water. The seeds will sink to the bottom while the lighter stuff floats to the top. Piece of cake! 

Easy, Fluffy “Tornado Omelet” 

Got a pair of chopsticks? Good news: you don’t even need to know how to use them. Start making an omelet normally (this hack works best with a plain omelet) and whip out the ‘sticks. Just when you’re getting to that ‘maaaaybe I should flip it?’ point, stick the chopsticks into the middle of the pan 

Chopsticks stirring an omelet into a tornado shapeChopsticks stirring an omelet into a tornado shape
YouTube: ETTV 이티티비

All you need to do is twist the chopsticks slowly. You can also rotate the pan to give it a little help. Keep going until you have a fluffy, beautiful, delicious Tornado Omelet. If you do it right, the whole thing will just lift right out of the pan. Poof! Serve on sliced tomato or toast for a light, easy breakfast

No bones About It

You’re in the zone. Really tucked into a nice fillet, just enjoying your meal and then… it happens. Crunch! Nothing ruins the vibe more than biting into an unexpected bone. Somehow, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Totally uncool

Fish bones in a filet glowing under blacklight Fish bones in a filet glowing under blacklight
Reddit: u/Picturesonblack

Fish have tons of health benefits. They’re tasty, versatile, and provide essential omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, they can be a total pain to debone. Try turning your kitchen into a hip nightclub. Just use a blacklight (UV lamp) to spot those sneaky lil’ bones. Problem. Solved. We suggest skipping the strobe light, though…

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Guac Fix

OK, so you’ve made some avocado toast. Or maybe a quinoa bowl. Only problem is, now you’re left with half an avo’. Those things seem to have a way to go brown like UPS. What a waste. There’s nothing you can do about it. Right? Wrong!

Avocado half in a clear plastic bag with half an onionAvocado half in a clear plastic bag with half an onion
Reddit: u/pamjam01

Store your halved avocados in a bag together with some onion and they’ll keep wayyy longer! Not only that, but next time you want to whip-up some guac, you’re already halfway there. Now you don’t need to worry about finishing all that green goodness in one go. You’re welcome 

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can! 

Buying holiday cookie cutters may seem kind of silly. It’s kind of a waste to buy something you’ll only use one day a year. Well, with some creative thinking, your cookie shapes can pull double-duty. Just turn that gingerbread frown upside down! 

Gingerman cookies flipped upside down so they resemble raindeerGingerman cookies flipped upside down so they resemble raindeer
Reddit: u/hotpostedfood

With a quick flip, a set of gingerbread man cookie cutters become some holiday-themed reindeer. Voila! Some quick icing and you’ll have Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. Oh yeah, and Rudolph! The real question is, do you eat the head first, or the feet/antlers first? 

Sugar Rush

Just because you’re a grownup doesn’t mean you have to cut out your favorite sugary breakfast cereal. But sometimes, it’s just TOO sweet. Don’t put away your bowl just yet, though. There’s an easy fix. Stir in some less sweet cereal and you’ll have the perfect balance. We’re all just big kids anyway, right? 

Life and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals mixed in a bowlLife and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals mixed in a bowl
Reddit: u/Iwanttoplaytoo

Mix and match, combine two kinds of cereal and enjoy. You can even do flakes and O’s in the same bowl. We won’t tell. Just watch out for the ‘prize’ in all that sweet crunchy goodness. Chomping down on a decoder ring will bring you right back to after school snack time 

Quick Pour Tornado

Tempest in a teapot? Tornado in a bottle? When you’re trying to empty every last drop of something and all you get is GLUG, GLUG, GLUG, it can be infuriating. Use some basic physics to your advantage and give the bottle a good twirl as you pour

A tornado forms in a bottle held upside down and poured into a pot of soupA tornado forms in a bottle held upside down and poured into a pot of soup
Reddit: u/gooberdawg

Swish the bottle at a slight angle and a powerful vortex will form as you add ‘just a touch’ (OK, the whole thing) of wine to that gourmet sauce. This works with almost any bottle, but just beware: once you start things in motion, it’s a force of nature! 

Stop Strainers From Slipping

You rest your strainer on the lip of a mixing bowl. Then you start pouring in something messy, like flour. Or, even worse, canned tomatoes. Before you know it, you’ve dusted your whole counter or covered everything in tomato sauce, instantly staining whatever it touches. No fun

A strainer sits on top of a mixing bowl, a spoon holds the strainer in placeA strainer sits on top of a mixing bowl, a spoon holds the strainer in place
Reddit: u/gooberdawg

Got a spoon? Well, then no problem! Just slip the spoon through the loop on the end of your strainer and you’ll lock it securely in place. We wouldn’t trust it during an earthquake, but it’s def. pretty solid. Pro tip: you can also use this method to anchor a big spoon to a pot or pan with a little one. Spooning spoons, how cute!

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For Kids Who Hate Crust

So your kids hate crust. We know, we know. It’s such a drag to have to cut the crusts off every time. Then, what do you even do with all the crust? I mean, you already paid for that bread. It’s perfectly good. And who wants to waste food?

French Toast sticksFrench Toast sticks

Combine them with a little butter and cinnamon sugar, then pop them in the toaster oven. Problem solved! Mix the crusts with your fav. flavor combo and toast ‘em up. The munchkins will forget how much they ‘hate’ crust. These treats go fast, so make sure to snag a few for yourself before they’re all gone

Perfect Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes are pretty much the perfect food. They’re already fairly easy to prepare, but, with this hack, you can basically do it in your sleep. Actually, we don’t recommend doing this in your sleep, as it involves sharp things

A Roast Potato split using an apple slicerA Roast Potato split using an apple slicer
Reddit: u/CrafyHolic

Your apple slicer makes quick work of the potatoes. Core/slice them just like an apple, but stop about half an inch from the bottom. They’ll spread out so for easy prep. Just sprinkle with some salt, olive oil, and whatever spices you’re feelin’. Bake in a hot oven and wham! Tender n’ crispy

Grill Fish Without The Mess

Salmon? Halibut? Grilled fish goes with lemon, period. Why fight it? Thin-slice a lemon (or other citrus) and place the slices down on a hot grill. You can coat them with a nice high-temperature oil if you want, too. Then, place the fish directly on the slices. No more cleaning up the little bits that stick to the grill! 

Lemon slices separate fish from a barbeque grillLemon slices separate fish from a barbeque grill
Reddit: u/klaraclarkk

Bonus: those lemon slices will be grilled and super tasty. Plus, with some char and all the flavor, they make a garnish. Now you’ll be plating for your guests like a Michelin-star restaurant. This technique works for Asian, Continental, and pretty much any style of cooking 

No Breadcrumbs? No Problem!

If you’ve got a piece of toast and a grater, you basically have the best breadcrumbs ever. I know, we said you don’t have breadcrumbs. Fair. But, open your mind. Imagine you DO have some

Grating toast over a dishGrating toast over a dish
Reddit: u/gooberdawg

By choosing the course or fine grater, the crumbs can be basically any size. Just don’t get too carried away, and watch out for your fingers. Use garlic toast for garlic breadcrumbs, cinnamon toast for dessert crumbs, and cheesy toast for… well, pretty much anything 

Dust Without The Dust

This may seem kind of counterintuitive, but the best place to dust your cookies is in the sink. Well, just make sure the sink is dry first. By placing the food you’re dusting on a wire rack over the basin, you’ll have much less chance of spilling everywhere

Cookies sit on a wire rack over a sink. They are being dusted with powdered sugarCookies sit on a wire rack over a sink. They are being dusted with powdered sugar
Reddit: u/MumTeachesSonToCook

If you do manage to spill the whole bag of powdered sugar, no worries. It just falls straight into the sink for easy cleanup. With this method, you’ll have an extra excuse to dust everything in confectioner’s sugar. That’s not such a bad thing, is it? 

Bottle Top Bag Sealers

Stop spilling and keep food fresh longer. Scissors, bottle tops, and a bag. That’s all your need for this easy hack. Cut the bottles just below the top to leave a little bit of a funnel, and then put the bag through the neck. Twist the cap on and you’re all sealed up. Twist it off and pour without the drama

Bottle tops are used to secure bagsBottle tops are used to secure bags
Pintrest: Sonia Figueroa

By upcycling and re-using plastic bottles, you can help address plastic waste and also keep your food fresh for longer. No one likes stale granola. Well, maybe someone does, but that’s gross. Flip-top vitamin bottles make an especially good choice for easy pouring

Precision Dusting

More than just an awesome stand-in for a microphone when you’re singing your heart out, the tea steeper is a key addition to any kitchen. You probably already have one lurking in your utensil drawer. Next time you have to coat something with flour, cornstarch, or sugar – reach for the little mesh crocodile and make life easy

A hand holds a tea strainer filled with white powderA hand holds a tea strainer filled with white powder
Reddit: u/complexcarbs

Much more precise than a sifter, and much less messy than doing it by hand. Scoop, dust, and repeat. Can’t be simpler! Just remember to clean your steeper before you make tea or do an impromptu Motown montage. Every girlfriend comedy needs one (the singing, not the sifting) 

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Soften Butter Quickly

Whether you’re just trying to butter some toast or you need to fold some of that buttery goodness into a batter or mix, you’re gonna need your pat of butter soft. Forgot to take it out of the fridge to soften? Don’t panic. You’re still good – just snag an ordinary glass from the cabinet

A pat of butter sits on a plate with an upturned cup on top of itA pat of butter sits on a plate with an upturned cup on top of it
YouTube: OnePotChefShow

First, heat the glass by pouring some hot water in (or microwaving if microwave safe.) Next, put the amount of butter you need to soften on a plate. Then, pour the water out and place the glass over the butter. Bingo! This hack works just as effectively with a whole stick or just a teaspoon

Make Grape Ice Cubes

Ice cubes in wine are not OK. Seriously people, don’t do it. It’s just wrong. To avoid watering down your Chardonnay or wrecking your Merlot, freeze some grapes. Just a few frozen grapes in a glass of warm wine will chill it quickly while preserving the taste

A glass of wine with frozen grapes inside the wineA glass of wine with frozen grapes inside the wine
Reddit: u/Kelbel2525

Next time you need to use up some grapes, just throw them in the freezer. They make a tasty snack just by themselves. Plus, you can use them to cool other drinks, not just wine. This way, you won’t make an abomination out of that nice bottle of vino

Banana Keeper

There are times when you just need half a banana. But therein lies the dilemma. What to do with the other half? It seems pretty wasteful to use a plastic bag, and the banana will go off pretty quickly when placed in an airtight container. What’s a banana lover to do? 

Half a banana is sealed using the banana peel from part that has been usedHalf a banana is sealed using the banana peel from part that has been used
Reddit: u/TimpaniSymphony

Lucky for us, mother nature designed a pretty perfect wrapper for that leftover banana half. It’s called a peel! When cutting what you need, leave a couple inches of peel on one side. Once you’re done, just flip the peel. You’ll minimize plastic waste while avoiding the dreaded banana-bread-only stage of ripeness 

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Flip The Script

Everyone loves ice cream. Everyone hates freezer burn. That’s just common sense. The real question is: how do you prevent the dreaded ice crystals from forming in your favorite pint? Easy! Just store it upside down in the freezer

Ice cream sits upside down in a freezerIce cream sits upside down in a freezer
Reddit: u/DaniBecr

With this minor adjustment, you can keep that carton of Rocky Road from getting too, well, rocky. Be aware, however. Just because it can last longer in the freezer does not mean you won’t eat it just as fast. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Stop Soggy Toast

You toast the bread. Place the slices on the plate. Then, go to make your sandwich, and… SOGGY! After you toast bread, it continues to release moisture. This will eventually mean you’ve got one wet, soggy side. There’s a simple fix just using some elementary geometry 

Two pieces of bread lean against one another in an a-frameTwo pieces of bread lean against one another in an a-frame
Reddit: chi-bacon-bits

Standing one piece of toast up against another will keep your sandwich from losing its crisp. Sure, this won’t work if you’re only toasting one slice at a time. But, like, who does that? Go toast or go home. Or something like that 

Put The Straw In Strawberry (Literally)

It’s almost like they planned it. If you’re short a strawberry huller, just core them with a… straw! Instead of buying a specialized tool you’ll only use a few times a year,  just break out the trusty old sipping device. Green bonus? Reusable straws work even better!

The green top of a strawberry is removed using a straw pushed through the bottom of the berryThe green top of a strawberry is removed using a straw pushed through the bottom of the berry
Facebook: Tasty

Now nothing stands in the way of strawberry shortcake, strawberry bars, strawberry… Well, you get the idea. Of course, you can even reuse the tops to flavor water, vinaigrettes, and cocktails. You’ll even have a straw at the ready to make quick work of that drink! 

Make Lasagna-Kabobs

You probably have everything you need for these already. Save time and make a delicious meal with this easy hack. First, slice your favorite veggies, proteins, and cheese (or omit the cheese for a Vegan treat) Next, use any long pasta like spaghetti or linguine in place of kabob skewers. That simple!

Several pieces of uncooked spaghetti are pushed through a stack of sliced vegetables, etc.Several pieces of uncooked spaghetti are pushed through a stack of sliced vegetables, etc.
Facebook: Riquísimo

All that’s left is to place them in a dish and slather them in your favorite sauce. Cook as you’d normally make lasagna and you’ve got a starch, veg, and protein feast with almost no work! Best part? No wasted skewers or tricky cleanup!