Everybody needs to exercise. This is even true for new fathers. Yet when you are a new father, going to the gym can be more difficult. You are probably spending a lot of time taking care of your new child, and you might be spending more time at work to provide for your family that just increased in size. So if you have so much less time to go to the gym, what are some exercises that you can do quickly at home?

Get Your Body In Gear

Start with lunges. Stand upright with your feet together before stepping forward with one foot. Bend your front knee to the point that it is directly over your toes, before pushing up from the ground with your front foot and thereby returning to standing. Complete this exercise ten times on that leg, before repeating on your other leg.

Next, perform squat jumps. First, make sure you are standing with your feet as far apart as your shoulders. Then bend your knees, squat to the floor, and allow your arms to fold towards your chest. Afterwards, push off the floor and leap straight upwards into the air while extending your legs and arms. Make sure that you land in a squat position, and repeat this exercise ten times.

Practice Your Planks

Get yourself on the floor and lie face down, tucking your elbows and toes underneath you. Rest on both your elbows and toes while pushing up into a long, straight line. Hold this position for thirty seconds. Afterwards, relax and then flip over to lie on your back. Rest on your elbows and prop up your torso. Push through the heels of your feet to lift your hips off of the floor. This should form a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Hold this position for thirty seconds before relaxing.

Then perform jumping jacks for one minute without ceasing, followed by ten pushups. After you are finished, find the edge of a coffee table. Face away from the coffee table, lowering yourself until your hands are able to hold onto the table edge and thereby support your upper body with your arms. Keep your legs in front of you, and your knees bent, while you bend and straighten your elbows ten times.

Bridges and Mountain Climbers

Next it is time to lie on the floor once more with your knees bent and your hands at your sides. Tighten the muscles of your rear, and use your heels to push up, thereby raising your hips. This should create a straight line from your shoulders to your pelvis. Count to twenty before relaxing. Repeat this exercise five times.

Once you are finished, get on all fours and stretch your legs behind you. From this position, jog in place, hiking your knees towards your chest and alternating legs during each “step.” Do this exercise for thirty seconds. Once you are finished, you have successfully completed the fifteen-minute bodyweight workout for new fathers!