Subscription services

Subscription services have come a long way since the 1980s. Instead of ordering CDs, you can now order recipes in the mail. Today, one in four Americans are attached to one (or more) subscription services. Some of the most popular services revolve around our physical well being. From juices to snacks, people are bettering their lives with monthly boxes sent to their homes. We look at 10 services that can give your life a major boost.

1. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has been the premier subscription service for shaving enthusiasts. The company got its foot in the door following a viral marketing video back in 2012. “It was very scrappy. The day it went live, our site crashed from all the traffic–but within 48 hours, we received 12,000 orders,” owner Michael Dubin told Inc. They deliver three amazing plans for those wanting a cleaner face. “The Executive” (6-blade), “The 4X” (4-blade), and “The Humble Twin” (2-blade) come in varying price ranges. Unlike many subscription services, Dollar Shave Club allows you to move your shipment date.

2. Blue Apron

Are you someone that’s looking to expand on your food knowledge? With Blue Apron, you’ll be able to try out some brand new recipes. You can have up to four different recipes and their accompanying ingredients shipped to your house weekly. The company also teamed up with Weight Watchers to deliver some healthy options. “Our new WW Freestyle menu is designed to bring discovery and achievement to the home cooking experience, introducing consumers –– including WW members and Blue Apron customers –– to ingredients, techniques, and delicious meals that empower them to develop a wellness-inspired home cooking routine,” Blue Apron CEO Brad Dickerson said in a press release.

3. RunnerBox

In 2013, a group of professional runners got together to deliver something for fellow athletes. The RunnerBox features around $60 worth of new products for only $20 every two months. RunnerBox doesn’t just cater to runners, either. The CycleBox is available for cyclists, and the TriBox is for triathletes. RunnerBox also allows you to send gift boxes to your friends and family. These boxes include items featured in previous installments.

4. Hello Fresh

Forming in 2011, Hello Fresh was the first major meal-kit provider on the market. Over the years, the Germany- based company has grown to have nearly two million subscribers worldwide. If you’re in the mood for a quick meal, Hello Fresh has Rapid Boxes available. Unlike their typical meals, these special meals will take you under 30 minutes to make. “We know that every minute counts, and with 20-Minute Meals, we’re giving customers back precious time on the busiest of nights,” the company stated in a press release.

5. Par Avion Tea

Tea lovers have been singing the praises of Par Avion Tea for years. With the Taste TeaPass, you can receive two loose leaf teas on a monthly basis. If you’re looking for something healthy, the Hello! Beauty + Wellness Teapass is also available. Before becoming a member, you can test the waters with a sample kit. All members gain a special 10% discount from their online store.

6. BluePrint Cleanse

Body cleansing has become a popular alternative for increasing one’s health. BluePrint Cleanse gives subscribers various options for their personal needs. Those allergic to nuts can pick up the nut-free version of The Blueprint OG package. The Keep It 100 package is perfect for those looking for low sugar intake.

7. NatureBox

Trying to find healthy snacks today can be a daunting task. NatureBox puts your mind at ease with a bevy of nutritional options. Every month, you’ll gain a brand new selection of snacks for your choosing. Unlike most services, NatureBox features a free 30-day membership to get you started. NatureBox will also offer a free $20 credit for referring friends to them. For the office, they’ll deliver unlimited snacks through NatureBox Office.

8. Birchbox

Birchbox has helped ladies discover their new favorite beauty brands. For only $10 per month, customers will gain sample sizes of skincare, makeup, and hair products. Full sized versions of products you like will be shipped for free. Subscribers can also save money through loyalty points, which can be earned by reviewing samples and referring friends. New subscribers can earn a free gift for using the service.

9. Drybar

In 2008, Alli Webb stepped foot into the hair styling world with Drybar. Originally starting in California, Drybar has expanded to have 100 stores across the country. “It’s funny, because I just wanted to open one little salon, so that I was able to pick up my kids from school and make a living,” she told Vanity Fair. For $85 a month, you’ll have up to two monthly blowouts and 10% off products in store. Unlike certain services, any unused blowouts can roll over into the following month. If you manage to use up your blowouts, you can get a $5 discount off additional ones.

10. Yogi Surprise

Founded back in 2014, Yogi Surprise has helped enlighten thousands of yoga experts around the world. For $45 per month, The Yoga Box is filled with oils, candles, books, and other accessories. Recently, the service created a Yoga Box specifically for men. This box, which costs $60, includes deodorants and a wrist mala. Yogi Surprise also features a Jewelry Box, which goes for $25 per month. Every piece of jewelry featured is crafted by hand.