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Jim Halpert is a real person

The first impression we got of Jim Halpert was a directionless guy with zero motivation whatsoever. However, there is something about him that most of us identified with; of course, one of them is being the hunk that he is. Oh, and the way he looks sarcastically at the camera is just epic and funny.

10 fun facts about the office, jim halpert10 fun facts about the office, jim halpert

But you will be gobsmacked to know that Jim Halpert is not a fictional character but a person that exists in real life. However, he is nothing like the one we know from The Office.

The real Jim is a lifelong friend of the writer of the show Greg Daniels.

The Office‘s address was a homage to the original BBC version

Bet you didn’t know that the address they used in the American version of The Office was an homage to the original British series. The Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch address is 1725 Slough Avenue, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. However, there is no real street by this name.

little known facts about the office, dunder mifflin parking lot, set of the officelittle known facts about the office, dunder mifflin parking lot, set of the office
Atomic Taco via Flickr

The address is actually a reference or tribute to the show’s original version by BBC. The BBC version had The Office address in Slough, England.

Mike Schur Hated Playing Mose

The television mastermind Mike Schur is renowned for bringing us Parks and Rec, The Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He has also been a part of Saturday Night Live, The Office, and an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix.

However, since The Office aired, the portrayal of Mose Schrute probably became the highlight and the most accomplished role of Mike Schur’s career so far.

fund facts about "The Office"fund facts about "The Office"

You might be surprised to know that Schur despised playing the character of Mose. He told Entertainment Weekly that he hated donning wool clothing and having to wear a beard in the California heat. Moreover, he was continually getting these dialogues cut.

He also mentioned that Greg Daniels forced him to play Mose to cause him pain. But Schur didn’t give up. We are glad he didn’t because for us, Mose is one of the funniest characters in American sitcom history.

Angela was a telephone operator prior to her acting career

Angela Kinsey played the iconic character of a cat-loving, uptight accountant we know as Angela Martin. We grew to love this character over the show’s course, despite her rigid exterior. Even though she nailed the role, it was one of Angela Kinsley’s first roles.

Prior to her big break, she worked several odd jobs, including working as a telephone operator for 1-800 dentists.

fun facts about thee office, angela kinsleyfun facts about thee office, angela kinsley

She shared the backstory on Larry King Now. The show catapulted her acting career to heights that very few sitcom actors get to experience.

After the show ended, Kinsley successfully landed roles in several other sitcoms. Most recently, she was in a 2019 movie named Tall Girl. Kinsey’s other projects include Haters Back Off, and Never Have I Ever.

B.J Novak was the first role casted

Greg Daniel took all his inspirations for the show from his time on Saturday Night Live (SNL). As a show producer, Daniels wanted to hire a writer who performed as well. B.J Novak fit the bill and was the first cast member signed for the show.

BJ Novak as Ryan from the OfficeBJ Novak as Ryan from the Office

The other writers/performers who later joined the cast include names such as Paul Lieberstein (Toby) and Mindy Kaling (Kelly). Of course, we have already mentioned the writer and producer of the show Michael Schur, who played Mose, the odd cousin of Dwight.

The cast chose the official theme song

After losing their original theme song “Mr. Blue Sky” for the sitcom to Heather Locklear, the cast members chose the hall of fame iconic theme song ever. According to Steve Carell, there were four different versions of the theme song, and the cast picked a winner.

little known facts about the office, introlittle known facts about the office, intro

It was a good pick, because even after watching all 201 episodes several times each over the years, we still don’t skip the intro. It’s a feel good, catchy tune that makes us feel like we’re among friends.

Phyllis was the show’s talent caster, and she cast herself

Phyllis was once a casting agent for the show before she played the iconic character of Phyllis. The story goes that she was reciting the script with several auditioning actors.

little known facts about the officelittle known facts about the office

Thanks to our stars, director Ken Kwapis happened to be around at that moment and decided instantly that the caster was a perfect fit for the role.

That is what we call being in the right place at the right time.

Everybody Improvised

Greg Daniel wanted to cast the actors who are great at improvisation, even if they had no background in writing. According to Daniel, improv is a very powerful tool when it comes to creating a natural scene.

Michael and Oscar from The Office kiss in Gay Witch HuntMichael and Oscar from The Office kiss in Gay Witch Hunt

Some of thee show’s more memorable scenes were the product of the cat’s improv, including when Michael and Oscar kissed, the plot line of Angela’s cat Sprinkles, and the opening sequence, which was footage John Krasinski had taken on a personal trip to Scranton, PA, in preparation for thee role.

No one believed the show would work

The entire cast and crew were pessimistic about the show. They said it was hard to have faith in an early stage because we were about to recreate the legendary BBC version of The Office. Even NBC executives showed little optimism on the filming sets.

little know facts about the office, the office castlittle know facts about the office, the office cast

Every time they shot an episode, they would say something like that ‘this episode is perfect, but unfortunately, this is going t be the last one they will ever do.’

Little did they know it would go on to be considered one of the greatest show’s ever made, watched by millions years after the series finale.

John Krasinski wore a wig for a good chunk of season 3

During season 3 of the show’s filming, John Krasinski landed another role in the movie Leatherheads. Initially, the producers of The Office weren’t enthusiastic about the prospect of Jim sporting a buzzcut. John Krasinski had an idea: How about he wears a wig of his usual do?

John Krasinski The OfficeJohn Krasinski The Office

Producers thought there would be no way Jim could pull it off without the audience noticing. So John showed up on the set wearing a wig – and producers couldn’t tell. Krasinski was able to continue filming the show while also accepting the buzzed-head role in Leatherheads.