10. No Gum Allowed

This may sound a bit strict, but yes, you cannot take gum on the sets of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen believes that a person does not look nice chewing gum on camera.

Moreover, it stops you from singing along to the lyrics. It may also ruin the floor or furniture in case you accidentally drop it out of your mouth out of excitement. You may seem to be just another rule, but you may find yourself booted off the set or denied entry altogether if you are carrying gum.

Ellen Degeneres weird things audience rules
James Devaney / Contributor via Getty Images

Going to Ellen’s show is like going to a school or through airport security; therefore, be prepared to have your bags inspected and use a metal detector on you.

9. Participants Must Be Extra Enthusiastic

If you are a fan expecting to participate in a game on the sets, do not forget to take “springs to the feet” with you. Ellen has a bizarre rule that all game participants have to be extra chipper. This is necessary to create the feel of overexcitement on the camera.

Ellen Degeneres audience, weird rules Ellen has for her audience

However, they do not pick the audience at random. The producers walk around the lobbies filled with ticket holders before the tapping starts. If they pick you by luck, you will get a chance to practice being called on stage.

8. You Cannot Go In Coordinating Outfits

No matter who you are going with, you cannot go in coordinating outfits – period. Not only that but you also have to dress in happy clothes with bright colors. If you show up in a group with coordinating outfits, Ellen will not allow you on the sets of the show.

Ellen Degeneres audience weird rules
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This is probably because Ellen does not want to draw attention to anything besides her guests and what is happening on the show. This applies even if you wear Ellen’s own merchandise on the set. You can only buy them from the Riff-Raff Room but cannot wear them on the set.

7. Do not shout out things

The warm-up guys will keep you on your feet. They will ask the audience to dance like cheerleaders on the queue; however, there is a bizarre rule. While you can display all the excitement and dance away like no-one is watching, you cannot scream out anything.

weird rules ellene degeneres has for her audience members
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You can shout out loud when Ellen or her guests enter the stage, but shouting out loud during the filming the rest of the show is a no-no.

6. No Autographs

While autographs are out of fashion, some still like to have hand-signed memorabilia of their favorite celebrities. If you are a camera-shy fan of Ellen DeGeneres Show and want to have proof in her handwriting that you were on the show, then get ready for a disappointment. Ellen never signs her name for the show’s audience.

Weird rules ellen Degeneres has for her audience members
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Fair play to her because if she starts doing it, everyone would want one. This will make it an impossible task due lack of time and size of the audience. Oh, by the way, you cannot be touchy-feely with the diva host of the show, too – so hands off the merchandise, please.

5. Attend the Show in the Biggest Car You Can

They advise you to get to the studio in the biggest car that you can get your hands on. Why? Because the bigger the car, the more gifts you will be able to load in it.

ellen degeneres rules for her audience members

Ellen has been known to do big giveaways to her audiences, she she just wants to make sure you have the space you need to take those goodies home!

4. You May Have to Sit Away from Your Family and Friends

Suppose you are lucky enough to secure the tickets for your family and friends to attend the filming of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

ellen degeneres show weird rules for her audience

Although they will allow you to enter the studio together, there is no guarantee that you will be able to sit as a group together.

3. Each Row Devises Its Own Dance

One of the reporters revealed in 2017 that fans become their own choreographers during the filming of the show. Therefore, each row must choreograph their own dance moves and perform them in unison.

weird rules ellene degeneres has for her audience members

When the camera hits, it’s not uncommon to see small groups of the audience dancing together in a choreographed way.

2.  Front Rowers must know That Day’s Pop Hits

Do you claim to be the number one fan of Ellen DeGeneres? Well, that will not guarantee you a front-row seat. However, knowing today’s pop hits or U.S. Hot 100 will definitely improve your chances.

ellen degeneres show, weird rules she makes her audience follow

As Ellen dances through the rows, you must not only show your best moves but also sing along the latest this playing at that time. No lip-syncing. Sometimes, a mic might even come your way and. you have to just roll with it.

1.     Choreographing the claps

You will be gob smacked that you cannot even clap at will. Just like singing and dancing, they even choreograph the claps too. Moreover, all the whooping and hollering you hear on the show is not spontaneous at all –yeah, they tell you when to do what—feeling like a puppet, yet?  Well, we do not blame you.

ellen degeneres has weird rules for her audience members

There will be designated team members who will tell you what to do, when to do it and how to respond, i.e., clapping, whooping, and hollering.

Some Bonus Berserkers

You may already wonder why they need to be so uptight about those rules. Some of them do not even make any sense. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many other bizarre rules that Ellen makes her audience members follow, but those are for another time and another post.