In a study with the Arthritis Disease Center, nearly 80 percent of Americans struggle with back pain. When it comes to the source of the problem, bad posture is to blame. No one is immune to slumping at their work desk or sleeping in a poor manner. Fortunately, we can walk away—with perfect posture — from these bad habits. We take a look at ten items that will bring your body back to top shape.

DARMA comfort foam seat cushion posture coach and activity tracker

Coming from DARMA, their Comfort Foam Seat Cushion Posture Coach does more than make sure you’re sitting comfortably. While using the device, you can see the status of your overall heart and breathing rates. With this information, you can see what needs to be done to improve your health. Aside from its reliability, the device can go for two weeks without being charged. To gain the full experience, download the DARMA app on your smartphone. You can pick this up for $179 on Amazon.

Aridesk height-adjustable standing desk

Many of our posture problems stem from the office. Sitting in front of the computer in a bad chair can be strenuous to your productivity. Fortunately, Aridesk gives you comfort with their Height-Adjustable Standing Desk. This desk is big enough to hold two monitors to make your work go faster. Since its debut, this item has been a hot commodity for billion dollar companies. “It would catch on and work its way to into [human resources offices], so we’d have entire departments putting in a purchase order. We started in companies like The Container Store, American Airlines, and Mary Kay, and expanded from there,” Varidesk CEO Jason McCann told D Magazine. This can be purchased at Amazon for $395.

AlignMed shirts and bras

Sometimes, what you wear can be wrecking your posture. For Bill Schultz, his knowledge in orthopedic research forced him to start AlignMed. These special shirts and bras are designed to put pressure off our muscles. One big fan is former New York Giants Coordinator of Rehabilitation Byron Hansen. “The goal with the shirts is to try to maintain the player’s alignment. This shirt is like an upper-body orthotic. It reminds you to activate your muscles. That reminder is very helpful,” he told Men’s Health. AlignMed products start from $49.95 over on their webstore.

Casa Pura anti-fatigue mat

If you’re standing for a long period of time, your feet will need some support. The Casa Pura Anti Fatigue Mat de-stresses various pressure points in your feet. The mat is extremely durable, which means no sort of sharp objects can destroy it. The object comes in six different colors, including iron oxide and dark brown. You can purchase this on Amazon for the low price of $34.99 right now.

Sleekform kneeling posture chair

Despite their different designs, every chair is built the same way. Sleekform’s Kneeling Posture Chair throws a loop in terms of sitting. This specific chair forces you to bend your knees. Without a cushion, this gives your spine the proper alignment. “Sure, the chair makes you look like an industrious frog, but you’ll never get back pains again. Of course, it also makes for a nice conversation piece,” journalist Alice Gregory said in NY Mag. Outside of work, this chair is perfect for meditating. You can buy it for $198 over at Amazon.

Core Prodigy active posture neck, back, and total body exercise system

Sometimes, our posture can be affected by how we work out. Bring the gym session home with Core Prodigy’s Active Posture Neck, Back and Total Body Exercise System. The overall look of this door mounted contraption might scare away some fitness junkies. You’re forced to place your head in a massive head harness. With resistance bands in hand, you simply pull away from the door for 10 to 15 minutes. This device is also perfect for reducing neck pain from previous injuries. You can purchase this on Core Prodigy’s website for $35.95.

3M monitor mount document clip

Every day at the office, you’re constantly looking around at various notes on the desk. Moving your neck around so much can do more harm than good. Since 1902, 3M has been seen in offices around the world. Their Monitor Mount Document Clip will keep your notes and computer on the same eye level. This device can fit on both flat screen and CRT monitors. You can fit up to 30 pages for quick access. You can buy this on Amazon for only $13.23.

Econo High innovative compact portable footrest

Planting your feet on the ground for lengthy periods of time can damage blood flow. Econo High’s Innovative Compact Portable Footrest will keep circulation flowing through those moments. Made from 100% high gloss ABS plastic, this can hold up to 100 pounds. This is also small enough to fit inside your backpack. You can buy it for $39.00 over on Amazon right now.

Tempur-Pedic neck pillow

While a good night’s sleep can help things, how you sleep will hinder any improvement. Tempur-Pedic has been delivering sweet dreams with their pillows since 1992. The Neck Pillow, which is their most popular item, curves to fit your head, neck, and shoulders. With multiple sizes available, you’ll find one perfect for your form. There’s even one perfect for those travels in the sky. This can be purchased for $89 on the Tempur-Pedic website.