Most guys will agree: there’s nothing more manly than having a nice, thick beard. Whether you’re going for hipster chic, the lumberjack look, or the hipster lumberjack chic look, beards are back in fashion in a big way. Besides looking cool, though, did you know that there are health and other benefits as well? Check out the five best reasons you should grow a beard.

More Attractive

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nowadays men with beards are deemed to be more attractive. Studies have shown that both men and women found beards to be more appealing. In fact, guys with beards were seen as better long-term partners than their clean-shaven brethren.

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Skin Cancer Shield

If you’re fortunate enough to visit the beach on a regular basis, then a beard is a must. While others are slathering the sunscreen onto their faces, you can rest assured knowing your beard is your own personal sunscreen. Researchers have found that a beard can block out up to 95 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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Germ Protection

As long as you regularly clean your beard, it may actually be helping you from getting sick. A study done on male hospital workers showed that the clean-shaven guys were three times more likely to become ill. It may be those tiny cuts on your face from shaving are opening up bacterial breeding zones.

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Time Saver

It seems like every morning we’re in a rush to get out the door. And nothing slows us down like having to shave our faces. It’s a never-ending cycle, too; those facial hairs start growing once you’ve shaved them away. Why not grow them out? Think about all of that time you’re wasting in the bathroom over a year’s span, not to mention the health benefits you’ve learned about so far.

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Change Your Outlook

Psychologists claim that beards make men look more masculine and dominant. You’re more likely to be seen as older, wiser, and more responsible as well. However, you might also be seen as more aggressive than someone without a beard. While first impressions go a long way, nothing can change people’s opinions than how you treat them, with or without your beard.

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